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Law Offices of Kevin M. Badkoubehi's commitment to quality is the engine that has driven our growth and reputation over our initial 11years of practice as a law firm. Our strength lies in the ability of this firm to bring creative solutions to complex issues, turning problems into opportunities. We serve long-standing and new clients who expect and receive superior quality work and service at reasonable rates. It is our belief that the relationship between our clients and this firm is unique and that the best interests of our clients are served by long-standing individual relationships and personalized service. Individuals and businesses of all kinds turn to Law Offices of Kevin M. Badkoubehi with their most important and challenging business litigation disputes. We evaluate legal and business problems from the perspective of trial lawyers and business people. We work closely with our clients in a team approach to solving their problems. Law Offices of Kevin M. Badkoubehi has always had a sophisticated Real Estate litigation practice that includes handling lawsuits between purchasers and sellers of real estate; actions on behalf of shopping center owners and tenants; actions among partners or members of partnerships, joint ventures or limited liability companies; and brokerage disputes.
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