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Straightline is dedicated to providing independent, straight forward advice on money matters to couples, individuals, and businesses. Our Goal: Financial Peace through Financial Coaching

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Straightline is dedicated to providing independent straight forward advice on money matters to couples, individuals, and businesses by way of Financial Coaching.

Our Goal: Financial Peace

Our main goal is to teach individuals, families, & businesses how to make smart decisions with their finances regardless of their unique situation.

Our services vary depending on each financial situation and are designed to specifically address each of our clients' concerns and goals. Our goal is to teach our clients how to make smart decisions with their finances regardless of their situation.

Managing Money Effectively: A Financial Wellne$$ Coach can work with individuals, families, and businesses to set up a budget that makes sense and it actually works! We help by establishing budget priorities, helping to minimize surprise expenses while giving them better control over their spending.

A Financial Coach will assess financial situations and help come up with specific plans and actions to get ones income under control, evaluate options and choices available to eliminate debt, design a plan to pay off creditors, and help clients deal with their creditors.

How We Work: Our services typically involve one 2 hour session and two to three 1 hour sessions over a 2-3 month period with unlimited phone or email access within the first 3 month period to help fine tune any needed areas.
How We are Compensated: We are a fee based coaching firm. We do not manage money like a CFP does and we do not sell products like a salesman does, nor do we want to. Our loyalty is to our clients' well-being, not to commission based products that may or may not be good for our clients. We refer our clients to trusted experts whom we have worked with personally and professionally and have come to trust as individuals and as professionals and we only do this if we have identified a need to do so.

The first 3 months (we want to see results!) of coaching are paid for as a flat fee and then we bill hourly after the first 3 months are complete.

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We specialize in working with people who WANT to achieve financial peace. We specialize in working with those who want a stress free way of living for themselves and for their families.

As a Dave Ramsey approved Coach, I like to describe what we do the same way he would describe what they do...

We help people get out of debt so they can build wealth in order to live like no-one else so that they can give like no-one else.

It's that simple.

While the trend as of late has been to coach people out of a financial hardship we also specialize in taking those that are not in a financial hardship to the next level.

Good coaching is hard to come by.  Our clients need coaches who have been in their shoes, coaches who have lived and experienced successes AND hardships. It's these types of experiences that bring a particular benefit to those looking to learn from our past mistakes and win's.