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I am a professional. If there is one thing that gives me a sense of pride, it is when a client tells me that professionalism is one of the main reasons why they chose to work with me. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of a job well done and something I strive for in every transaction. I am certified as a mortgage lender with the department of financial institutions and have over and 6 years of mortgage lending experience.

I try to use a common man approach with people, I feel that this approach sets them at ease, as if we were neighbors talking over the fence.I'm consistently striving to instill trust, build rapport and create  relationships based on common ground.

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I work closely with people pertaining to very personal aspects of their life, I've learned to handle each  situation with empathy. Be it a retail transaction, closing a mortgage loan or assistance with personal income taxes, One fact remains... Every situation required my utmost focus and attention to the needs of the person directly in front of me. 

My past experiences as a retail sales associate, mortgage professional and IRS wage and investment counselor have taught me many things of great importance. I am equipped to adapt quickly to the many challenges and technological advancements I have faced as a professional in this fast paced world in which we live.

 I can't underestimate the importance of possessing essential software, telecommunication, and Internet skills. These skills pale in comparison to what is  the most crucial skill...Human understanding and listening. People want instant results and to be taken seriously. It helps to know how to deliver in a timely and competent manner. This is what I try to bring to the table with energy and positive mental attitude each and every day.

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