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Cynthia Gentry Black
Home Stager, Downsize Planner, Declutter Coach
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I began staging homes in 1999, when the only stagers around brought in truckloads of furnishings. My thinking was, "Most people have plenty of stuff, it just may not be in the best places." I soon became known by many real estate agents as their "Secret Weapon" with days on market consistently reduced. I never tire of hearing, "I can't believe you did this using only my stuff!"

As a stager, planner and coach, the transformational work I do is immediate, painless and has a life-long effect. My mission: To positively affect the lives of a billion homeowners.

My motto: Create your dream home and live a beautiful life NOW!

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I'm one of those people who used to organize my mom's kitchen cabinets for fun. How could I not get into this line of work? Over 9,000 homes later, I've learned a lot about our relationship with the stuff in our home. I've also seen the life-span of the stuff we own play out over and over again. I know what each of us will be experiencing as we face the future of our stuff. And, I know how to help us ease gently and effectively into that transition. 

I believe our home plays an essential role in our life, and is more than just an expensive box that keeps our stuff from being rained on. My gift is to help create a home that nurtures us and supports the life we want. Seeing people fall in love with their home or get an "ah-ha" look after I work with's my bliss!


“The first Stage-What-You-Own professional in KC, I help upsize, downsize or right-size, with clarity and minimal expense. Over 9,000 homes transformed since 1999.” ~Cynthia, aka "My House Whisperer"