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Justin Ukaoma
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As a company our primary goals are to provide top quality remodeled homes to buyers and make steady profits for our investors.  Naturally these two thing go hand in hand which is why we can say with confidence that when you purchase a Vizion home your getting the best quality home in that price range.  Investing with Vizion is a smooth process. Once we have defined an investment strategy that will match your criteria, you can sit back and rest assure that Vizion has your best intrest in mind. We are a full service real estate investment company which means we take care of everything involved in the investment process from start to finish.  That includes but is not limited to finding the property, doing the rehabbing, selling the property, and even finding tenants and doing property managment.  In other words we make sure that no matter what strategy of investing you prefer everything is passive automatic and simple on your end. Got 1 minute and 11 seconds?  Then check this out. When I say "complete home remodels" I mean just that. I know when anyone utters the word "rehabber" it's like saying "used car salesman" or "lawyer." And, just like used car salesmen and lawyers, there are execptions to rehabbers. Vizion is one of those exceptions.  We replace anything that needs replaced and refurbish anything we don't replace. Walking into a Vizion home is like walking into a brand new home. We typically install new windows, laminate in the kitchen and bathrooms, vanities, cabinets, countertops, carpet, and appliaces. Of course, as any other "rehabber," we patch and paint as well. Check out our YouTube Channel for a closer look at the transformation that takes place in our properties. Our properties are generally between $100,000 and $140,000-perfect for first time home buyers.  We have a rule of thumb in deciding what neighborhoods to buy in: no homes in areas we wouldn't feel safe at night. All of Vizion's homes are located in family-oriented neighborhoods with safety and comfort in mind. None of our homes are located in the "inner-city". We focus on single family homes located in South Kansas City, Grandview, and Raytown, Missouri as well as Kansas City, Kansas.  Google Vizionkc The Official Vizionkc Website Follow Me On Twitter The Vizionkc Weblog See Our Work On Youtube A Day In The Life

Vizion has four main legs: aquisitions, construction, sales & marketing, and finance.  I personally work in sales & marketing.  My responsibilities include keeping our website as well as all of our online marketing up to date and accurate.  I also work directly with home buyers helping them to find the perfect Vizion home for them and their families.  Naturally I am also in constant contact with other real estate professionals keeping them up to date on our new listing and finding which of our homes could potentially work for their clients.  I also produce content for our ever expanding YouTube Channel


I'm a member of Vizion KC, a full service real estate investment company in Kansas City, MO. If your looking to invest in Kansas City real estate I'm your man.