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Julie Stokes
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Win The Day!   RE/MAX North Associates in Denton, TX, Argyle, TX and Hickory Creek, TX (Lake Cities) is BOOMIN!  

Grew up with the most amazing family in a small farm community in IOWA. The Corn fields are where I learned my work ethic and the true value of a dollar. We didn't have an NFL or NBA or MLB but we had Iowa Hawkeye basketball on Thursday nights and enough college football on the weekends to get our fix. We played in the snow and we camped under the stars. We changed our own oil, rode mopeds without helmets and would mess with the carbarator to see how fast we could get them to go on a gravel road. It's amazing what you can do with a screw driver and some WD40. I grew up knowing I was "Special" because I was chosen by my parents and I believed it every day - and I still do. My baby bro and I were adopted and the whole world new it. I love animals, sports, family, the outdoors, singing, music and the smell of a morning on a spring day. I have learned that it's about the journey . . . not the destination and each day I try and WIN THE DAY, LIVE STRONG and go to 212º.


What I do for RE/MAX North Associates - I am the Recruiter.   Recruit, Retain, Marketing, PR & Events.    I make sure that RE/MAX North is SEEN and HEARD.   I Create a BUZZ in the Community so RE/MAX North Agents can utilize that in their marketing.  I make my "job" look fun and easy.   It's the most challenging yet rewarding career I have experienced next to being a MOM.  I have been groomed for this job for the last 20 years .    I find the most qualified real estate agents and recruit them to RE/MAX North.   I work with the most Experienced, Honorable, Hard working, Ethical REALTORS ® in the World.   It's not about quantity, it's all about QUALITY!  And no matter what, we are taught by example from our amazing Broker/Owner - ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.  


REMAX North Associates III serves all of North Texas to include but not limited to REMAX Corinth,Tx, REMAX Lake Dallas, TX, REMAX Hickory Creek,Tx, REMAX Denton,Tx, REMAX Shady Shores,Tx, REMAX Lewisv