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Homes today cost a lot of money, therefore buyers want homes that look and feel expensive.   Buyers usually have a vision of what they expect their dream home to look and feel like.  They expect homes that cost  hundreds of thousands of dollars to look expensive.  They want to open the doors and be blown away with how spectacular it looks because this is the reaction they want to elicit from friends and family when they own the home. 

Buyers come with many different perspectives and goals, but they have a few things in common, too:

Buyers are influenced by their impressions and feelings.   Home Staging ensures that the home makes a wonderful first---and lasting---impression!

Buyers want the home they're buying to be better than the home they're leaving.   Home Staging  reworks the seller's furnishings and décor to create a home that feels like a gem that should be snatched up quickly!

Buyers often see the seller's "things" rather than the "home".   Home Staging eliminates eye-catching distractions and guides the eye to the home's desirable features; making the seller's décor "work hard" to help sell the home!

Buyers look at the existing furniture to gauge the room's scale and function.   Home Staging is a calculated process of revealing each room's function, appeal, warmth, beauty, light, and the best use of space!

Buyers search for ways to justify a lower offer.   Home Staging helps the seller prioritize the tasks that will make the most impact on buyers.  Often, a little work can save thousands of dollars!