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I have been in the residential mortgage business for over 20 years. In that 20 years I have experienced sweeping changes in my business from utilizing technology to a real estate "bubble", the bursting of that bubble, and the subsequent consequences. Which is where we are today. so, I have experienced the best and the worst from Phoenix, Arizona and now Kansas City, MO.

The one thing that has been consistent through this time is that people want to be treated fairly and equally.

So it just seemed logical to conduct my business that way.

In my experience I have worked with top corporate executives to the first time homebuyer and I have to admit, the first time homebuyerer's are such a gas to work with. The excitement on their faces and the gleam in their eye when they sign their docs and get the keys well, Kodak has nothing on that moment!

When you call me and we talk about your situation you'll know you are getting the straight scoop.

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