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Parallel Services offers Tax Preparation Services and Mortgages with a focus on optimizing your financial position to help you grow & protect your personal wealth.

Get to know Jorge Parra


I have been helping clients with their financial needs for the past 10 years in the area of mortgages, insurance, and tax preparation.  I am a licensed Mortgage Consultant, Insurance Agent, and Tax Preparer.  Because of my experience and knowledge, I completely analyze a client’s income, assets, and liabilities to help them find solutions and benefits in all areas of their finances.

Being licensed in these three key financial areas allows me to help clients with their overall financial goals.  I assist clients in allocating their finances in a way that helps them increase their personal wealth, not just for the present, but for their future. 

 My goal for each client is to offer them solutions, not products.





Parallel Services assists clients in three main areas:  Mortgages, Insurance, and Tax Services. 

Mortgage Services...Updates coming soon

The Tax Pros at Parallel Services know that tax rules and credits can be complicated and are dedicated to helping our clients pay less.  We tactfully show clients how to use tax shelters, reallocate their income, and reduce income tax exposure, which allows our clients to use the money saved to increase their personal wealth. 

The Insurance division of Parallel Services offers Property & Casualty, and Life Insurance Policies. However we are very different from other insurance companies.  Our goal is to help our clients fix their financial status first before putting them into any policy.  In regards to Property & Casualty Insurance we know it’s a commodity so we get clients the coverage they need at an affordable price.  We then take the savings and help them invest it for their future.  Like people, life insurance policies come in different shapes and sizes so we analyze our clients’ current and future goals in order to fit our clients into the policy that is just right for them. 


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