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Short Sale Processor

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We process short sales for successful real estate agents and attorneys.  These successful professionals don't have time to play footsie on the phone day after day with bank associates to get done what needs to be done to get to a closed sale.  We have the expertise and connections at all the mid to large banks, and of course the smaller ones we come across, to maximize the probability of the fastest short sale close possible while minimizing hassle to the agents, buyers and sellers.

Is your expertise and pleasure showing, buying and selling properties?  Then don't waste frustrating hours instead trying to get even the simplest things done with a bank. 

On the other hand, if you don't move a lot of property, don't spend your time doing what you are best at, welcome to the club of short sale facilitating - grab a chair and jaw with the bank rep for a few hours a day.  It builds character - it if doesn't kill ya...

Don't get a bad reputation because you were blindsided by some bank maneuver which caused a foreclosure.

Give our office a call if you'd like to explore freeing yourself from the hassle side of short sales and dive deeper into that huge niche of short sale properties that others avoid.  856-872-4122

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