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I wrote "Home Seller's Blues and How To Beat Them" to help Realtors and home sellers work as a successful, effective team. This is the only book I know of, that addresses the mental side of home selling -- from the importance of pricing and simple ways to make a home clearly stand out from its competitors -- to how to handle home selling frustrations, such as living in limbo while your house is on the market, and why it's important to stick with one good Realtor until your home sells.

I wrote this book because I understand the position of both the Realtor and the home seller. I had a house on the market for one year, waiting for it to sell -- so I started interviewing experts in many fields, including top real estate brokers, stagers, landscapers and even psychologists on how to best appeal to buyers and stay happier while waiting for an offer. This information paid off -- we were able to find a buyer in a flat market, in a high-inventory neighborhood, during a city-wide road expansion project, in the middle of winter.

After the home sold, I wanted to share this information with others, which was the inspiration for this book. Since then, the book has helped many home owners deal with their own frustrations, and it's served as an effective tool for Realtors who provide it to their clients to give them inspiration, comfort and encouragement.

The book is available in paperback and as an Ebook through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBookstore.



My background as a marketing researcher and writer for a wide range of companies enabled me to gather and organize comprehensive information which I used to create this book.

I am also available as an Internet marketing and content writer for real estate companies that want to increase their online ranking and attract a growing pool of customers through compelling, search engine optimized content.

For examples of my writing, view the Home Selling Blues Blog at: http://housesellingblues.com or you can view my article about compelling copywriting tips, called "Five Easy Pieces of Copywriting to Capture Eyeballs" at: http://bit.ly/zSU6Qo



I'm the author of "Home Seller's Blues and How To Beat Them, as well as the Home Selling Blues Blog (http://housesellingblues.com) and the "Instant Guts!" ebook. I'm also an Internet marketing writer.