Jeff Kershner (Silver Crown Real Estate)

735 Circle Drive

Tower Lakes , IL 60010

Real Estate Investor and Realtor. Love home design and get to enjoy it every day. Passionate about my clients' financial success and believe rental property is the best way to a secure future.

Get to know Jeff Kershner

First and foremost, I am a financial counselor. I am passionate about seeing people budget properly, invest in a secure future and get debt free. Real Estate transactions, whether renting, buying a home or investing are typically have the biggest impact on peoples financial success.

Secondly, my backround is in architecture and development and I love design trends, authentic housing, green constrution and can bring this unique perpective to your property search.

Finally, I am a Real Estate Investor myself. I am not trying to sell someone on something I don't believe in or have experiance in doing. The decline in prices has given great opportunity to make real income with rental units. I can show you how to get started with cash or your retirement account. You can set up your financial future with $25,000 to start.

I am in this full-time and have geared my entire adult life to becoming an expert in all facets of Residential Real Estate. Let me show you the difference in my approach.


- Trained Financial Counselor, I can help you work your entire budget, and will make sure you only buy a home you can afford. Don't believe what the mortgage company says you can afford!

- Experienced Investor, I have aquired a portfolio of rental units that are contributing positive cash flow every month. I have also developed financial models to evaluate rental units to make sure you make money every month starting on day one!

- Experienced Developer / Designer, I am schooled in architecture and have designed and built numerous homes, commercial buildings, and room additions. I can help you evaluate whether or not improvements are worth the investment and will help your financial prosperity.

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