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Jim Hintz
Jim Hintz - InterNACHI Certified Inspector
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Get to Know Jim Hintz

    I started my career as a Home Inspector in 2002. What sets me apart from other inspectors is it's not about money and how fast I can get paid and move on to the next inspection - it never has been. I do one inspection per day - that's it! I'm never in a hurry and I am not swayed, pressured or influenced by Realtors or Sellers. Sugar-coating things isn't an option. If the place is a Money Pit and I think you should continue shopping for a new home, I'll tell you point blank - right then and there! That's why you hired me and I'm working for you and you only. I enjoy meeting people and educating them about their new home. I love my job because it's always something new everyday - new people, new places! I've always inspected homes as if I was buying them for myself and that has served me well - not "1" complaint in 11 years of inspecting - well, maybe a few Realtors because I don't inspect an entire house in a hour!

Sorry for over use of pronouns above, I typed it myself and didn't "embellish" or "puff" anything up to make myself appear to be something I'm not - (multi-inspector company or an English Major!) My Dad taught me well (rest his soul) and my Mama raised me right and I thank GOD everyday for both of them.




Since 2002, GPSHIS Inc has protected Homebuyers and their wallets diligently. Not "1" complaint in 11 yrs. Thoroughness is and "always" has been My Trademark. There is NO Substitute for Thoroughness!