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I started my real estate career 20+ years ago as a young investor that bought, rehabbed and either flipped or held and rented homes.  The income potential and satisfaction level from owning and flipping real estate was far more fun than a regular 6 am to 6 PM corporate job could offer, although I also had one of those too.  

Over time I had a number of friends, relatives and colleges ask for help in buying or selling their homes, which I gladly did and after a few short years, I decided to pursue the real estate world full time.

Today, I work with a wide variety of people including a number of seasoned investors who purchase properties for buy & holds, wholesale and / or retail.  My combined experience in both the corporate world and as a real estate investor affords me the opportunity of better understanding how to navigate toward the financial expectations and needs of those clients who I work with.   

I feel it's my job to educate real estate buyers on the notable differences between finding a good deal as opposed to the unfortunate event of having the deal find them as well as presenting accurate data to sellers so homes are priced effectively. 

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