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Ambitious and meticulous with acccounting background. Very analytical and purposeful. I love helping people in the industry and profession, I can. Getting someone a good loan at a good rate help

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I guess now is the perfect time more than ever to write about myself.  "Time" is the reason for not writing about myself sooner.  I need money but I am not money hungry to sell my soul for a deal.   I believe that when you are dealing with your clients you have to care about their welfare and their happiness when getting them a program.  This is a long term investment and my goal is for my  client to walk away with a smile.  When I purchased my first home my agent and Loan Officer worked with me and made sure I was walking away happy like a lark.  I want my clients to know that I care and would do everything in my powers to make this be a exhilarating experience.  People look at loan officers as sharks but I am a whale of care.  I do not have the heart to just get a check and my client is not happy.  In one particular case we have a client who was a month away from foreclosure and we had the opportunity to get her a loan from a hard money lender.  She would have fallen right into the same situation in a year or less if we had proceeded.  I then referred her to a governmental operation that would help her get out of foreclosure at no cost.   Others would see only money and give her a loan at 12-13% and let her pay higher mortgage payment instead of looking out for her welfare.

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I specialize in first home buyers, second home buyers and commercial loans and preforeclosures or refinance.   We do it all to help our community get into their beautiful home and get back on the right track.  Homes are a very important asset and investment for families, and we try to make it a great experience when working on getting them a loan.  We are not pushy or anxious to close.  We want to make sure we get them the best program so that they will be extatic and appreciate the service that we offer them.