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Metis Group is a client retention services firm that specializes in direct mail marketing programs utilizing greeting cards. Our unique service has been designed to simplify the process and reduce the time required for the sending "Personalized" greeting cards to all of your clients and prospects. We do this in a way that preserves the personal touch aspect of greeting cards and therefore the greeting card looks like you personally took the time to write and sign each card yourself.  

Metis Group now publishes our own line of high quality business oriented greeting cards under the name of Limetree Greetings.  We also provide greeting cards from over 20 different publishers. Additionally, by publishing our own greeting cards we are able to accommodate any request from our clients by producing custom greeting cards for any occasion.


We provide Client Retention Services to provide repeat and referral business.

In a recent survey by The National Association of Realtors revealed their findings for a survey of two categories of homeowners and found:

1. Homeowners who were contacted by their real estate agent at least twice per year.
2. Homeowners that did not receive regular contact

OF those who said they were contacted regularly:
   96% said they would use the agent again
   81% remembered their agent's name after 3 years.
   96% remembered the name of the real estate company

OF those who were not contacted regularly:
   A mere 35% said that they would use the previous agent again
   Only 14% remembered the agent's name after 2 years.
   Just 50% remembered the name of the real estate company.

COMPARING these statistics suggests that continued contact with the buyer increases:
   The probability of the agent being used again by nearly 300%
   Agent recognition by more that 575%
   Company recognition by nearly 200%

CONCLUSION: When coupled with a regular follow-up program, money spent on business retention delivers the strongest return for your marketing dollars.

The solution is Metis Group's Client Appreciation Programs.Implementing Metis Group's  follow-up is simple and is cost effective.

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Custom greeting card publisher specializing in business oriented cards. Let us help you drive new, repeat and referral business by sending impactful and memorable direct mail campaigns.