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RMCN is a Credit Services Organization that specializes in Credit Restoration and Education  We are in business to help people achieve there credit goals as well as educate them on how to manage there credit future.  We work under the 5 laws that have been put in place for us as consumers to protect us against the creditors reporting inaccurate information.  There are company's that will leave negative information on longer then the states they legally can.

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Twenty-nine percent (29%) of the credit reports contained serious errors - false delinquencies or accounts that did not belong to the consumer - that could result in the denial of credit; Forty-one percent (41%) of the credit reports contained personal demographic identifying information that was misspelled, long-outdated, belonged to a stranger, or was otherwise incorrect; Twenty percent (20%) of the credit reports were missing major credit, loan, mortgage, or other consumer accounts that demonstrate the creditworthiness of the consumer; Twenty-six percent (26%) of the credit reports contained credit accounts that had been closed by the consumer but incorrectly remained listed as open;Altogether, 70% of the credit reports contained either serious errors or other mistakes of some kind.Among the survey's major access to credit report findings: Of the consumers that did obtain their credit reports, at least 14% of them were forced to call back 3 or more times after receiving busy signals or had to write a letter in order to receive their report; And 12% of the consumers waited two weeks or longer to receive their report once they finished requesting it. It took more than a month for one California man to receive his report. Overall, 15% of consumers who attempted to participate in the survey either made at least 3 phone calls and never got through or requested their reports but never received them.
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