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Get to Know Janell Kittleson

As most of us who work in the field of Property Management, I have wore many hats along my professional journey. If you asked me 20 years ago if I would someday work as a consultant for a Property Management Software company, I probably would have said no.  I first stumbled upon this path of Property Management when I was 19, (just a few decades ago...) new to town, needing a job and a place to live.  It wasn't a career choice but a necessity.  At 19, I was hired as an assistant manager at a low-end apartment complex (AKA parking lot sweeper, noise complaint handler).  I quickly found my way into the job of leasing agent, across town at a luxury apartment complex. From there, I moved to site mangager, to management trainer and then property manager with a portfolio of 1,000 tenants and 15 or so investors.  I thrived in my job.  It was fast-paced and acting as a laison between many parties (tenants, vendors, owners, the community...) was a daily labor of love.

And then one day I fell in-love with a contractor, quit my job, moved out of state and learned to weild a hammer and use power-tools.  We bought properties, renovated them, and again I worked with tenants, but this time as a Landord.  In the real estate hayday, we sold our properties and decided to take a break from investing in rentals.  Oh, and then there was that baby that came along... After a hiatus from being a stay-at-home Mom, I found my way back to Property Management, this time working for a local software company, right in sunny Grants Pass, Oregon.  I was shocked to find that since my career working in Property Managment, affordable and intuitive software had been developed and thousands of landlords and real estate professionals were successfully managing their properties without all the expense and headache of the programs of old.  What I found in Rentec Direct was a brilliant solution and I was sold.  Nowdays I don't have to answer any late-night pagers or worry about occupancy rates or crunch numbers for yearly projections, but I talk with customers who do.  I empathize and enjoy taking the hassle out of one area in their daily life.  

Rentec Direct Property Management Software

At Rentec Direct, we understand that managing rentals is a challenging task and we're here to help!


I'm a good listener and a tireless advocate.  I think that is what makes people like me and me like myself.  Even though I never see people face-to-face, as Rentec Direct is a web-based solution, I build relationships daily.  I can't help it.  Every industry is people-based... unfortunately, many reduce their business to numbers.   How someone feels is what motivates most people, motivates them to spend or not spend.  I think my niche is that most people know I'm paying attention to what they need/want.  And while no one can be everything to everyone, who doesn't like to be heard?   In my personal time, I love to play outdoors with my daughter and husband, work on our small family farm and learn more about sustainability.  Every day is busy and I love it that way!


My days are happily filled being an Account Manager for Rentec Direct, a web-based solution for Property Management.