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Our Mission: LMA believes that mortgage consumers need to be educated on how mortgage loans work. They need to understand what they are signing and what the implications are. They need to know whether or not there is a prepayment penalty. They need to know they can raise their interest rate and pay less fees, or lower their interest rate for a cost.

Example of Flexible Mortgage Products;

   • 95% LTV to $700,000
   • 90% LTV to $1 million
   • Stated Income to 75% LTV
   • No Seasoning on Cash-Out Refi (New Appraised Value Accepted)
   • Previously Listed Properties OK
   • No Acreage Limit
   • No Max Cash-Out with Cashflow Option ARM @75% LTV or Less
   • Construction-Perm: Option ARM - One Time Close
   • True "Common Sense" Portfolio Underwriting
   • Use your own credit report
   • LPMI - Lowest adds in the Industry
   • Originating loans in all 50 states


"If you want ONE year of proserity, GROW grain.

If you want TEN years of prosperity GROW trees.

If you want ONE HUNDRED years of prosperity GROW PEOPLE"..CHINESE PROVERB

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Much like the RE market, FDI pays you for referrals.

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ACG-Lighthouse Mortgage Associates is dedicated to helping consumers realize the dream of homeownership through supreme real estate services and expert mortgage financing.