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Michael Harris
Mortgage Banker, Radio Host
location_on Thousand Oaks, CA — United Mortgage Corporation of America/The Real Estate Life
Get to Know Michael Harris

Michael Harris has proudly been part of Real Estate Finance since 1987.

As a current California Real Estate Broker / Owner of United Mortgage Corporation of America. / Owner of A Head For Money Enterprises, Inc. / President of The Real Estate Life, Inc. and Certified Mortgage Planner designate, Mike has strived to educate his clients and fellow industry professionals in Real Estate Finance. While doing this, he has maintained a high level of standards and professional integrity that have been part to his and his client's path for success. Mike's clientele have been able to go from renting, to a first home, a move up home, and in some cases creating additional income with investment property ownership.

Mike had a childhood goal to not have money control every decision that he made as an adult. It was, as today, a difficult mantra to attain and to maintain.

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1987, Mike entered the Mortgage Industry with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. He soon realized speaking to people about home ownership was not the problem; it was getting people to listen to a 22 year old explaining the topic.  In most cases it was to people twice his age explaining that he had an idea of what he was doing.  25 years later he is now twice that age and he is the age of those who had trouble listening.

Over the years, the message was the same, with less hair and more grey to show for the ware, the earlier concern has taken care of itself.  So with that problem set aside, he turned to radio.  Mike continues to reach and educate a growing body of people that do not enjoy the privilege of home ownership.  In today's world getting and keeping a home has gained additional meaning.  Through Lending, Investment Real Estate, and Education, Mike has sent a message loud and clear that he will make a difference!

In aligning my personal 25+ years of Real Estate Finance experience with other industry professionals, The Real Estate Life, Your Day in Real Estate Radio a show on KFWB News Talk 980 in Los Angeles, there exists a unique opportunity for those who wish to tune in to hear what Mike has to say.


I have served the community, clients, agents, and the public for 250 years.  During those years I have completed Commercial, Construction, Preconstruction, Residential, 1031, Reverse Mortgages, and many ther types of financial transactions.  I subscribe to the concept of Strategic Equity.  Creating Wealth through Real Estate.  Putting idoled dollars to work for a larger gain.  Conservatively leveraging for Real Estate to create other opprtuinties of the same. I am a member of CMP (Certified Mortgage Planner, CAMB, NAMB, LeTip International, Conejo Networking, Past Treasurer, Vice President, and President of multiple affiliated industry groups.

I carefully investigate the United States for the right opportunities for my client's and radio listeners.  Together, we add to our wealth and knowledge.  I welcome you to call and join us down this path. 

I can lend primarily in CA, with availability in WA, OR, and ID.  referrrals are available in other States.



A Mortgage Banker and CEO of United Mortgage Corporation of America, Radio Host of The Real Estate Life in Los Angeles. We strive to find the best loan for each client providing first class service.