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Tracy (G+) is a Distressed Property Expert, Investor, Rehabber, and pre-foreclosure extraordinaire specializing in the Phoenix-metro market. She also is an avid blogger, social media enthusiast, contributor to leading Real Estate Magazines, and coach to aspiring real estate investors.


Greetings! I've been involved in Arizona real estate since the early 2000's. I started as a Loan Officer, but quickly realizing how many people were getting loans (that had no business doing so), I began to work for Real Estate Investors to be able to help those in foreclosure. I earned income doing Property Management, but also bought and sold properties with multiple investors, and have flipped, owned, rehabbed, and sold my own properties since I started in this business. I'm also a licensed real estate agent and mostly work with those who need to short sale Arizona. I also hold the designation of Real Estate and Foreclosure Resource, as well as being as Certified Distressed Property Expert.

But enough about can I help YOU? With the topsy-turvey events and market shifts we've all experienced in the last few years, the housing market here in Arizona can be hard to navigate. Whether you are facing foreclosure, need arizona short sale help, or just curious about guidance through the foreclosure process, I am a phone call or email away!

My greatest achievement will come in the volume of people I can assist and help, especially those facing foreclosure or needing an Arizona Short Sale Realtor. In any way that it might be, feel free to contact me or my team directly and let me know how I can best assist.







Short Sale Arizona | Arizona Short Sale Realtor

Tracy "Royce of Real Estate" explains the importance of using an Arizona short sale realtor when you need to short sale Arizona or sell house fast Arizona.


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Tracy I know you are a figther. The house had been sitting there for over a year and the bank wouldn’t do anything with it or help me. I’m glad to know you have gotten it closed with someone that will fix it up and i’m even happier I don’t owe anything anymore or on my credit card since that was on the house too. You guys got done in a few months what I couldn’t get done ever by myself. I’ll keep you in mind if anyone else I know needs help. God bless.
Thank you, Tracy! And many thanks to Sheri as well for the efforts and hard work you both put in for us! I will absolutely recommend you to any and all of our friends and family that may be thinking about a short sale. Thank you again! Though the process was extremely stressful at times, you both have been so gracious in being there for us to help answer questions and guide us forward. “You can’t win ‘em all” but we have been truly fortunate to have you on our side and I cannot thank you enough for all the blood sweat and tears you put into our case.
I was so impressed with Tracy Royce and her team at Royce of Real Estate! I needed to sell my home and was looking for a realtor that is thorough and knows the ropes. My house was under a contract and sold in 2 weeks! She told me that staging was the way to go and it made all the difference. I would recommend Tracy if you are looking for a great realtor who knows what she is talking about.
“Hi Tracy, Just wanted to drop a line to you and Courteney and thank you both for a job well done. Thank you, too, for keeping in touch and keeping us advised as steps progressed. It is a very stressful issue; we were not brought up with this as one of our values. It was a very difficult decision to make and continued to be during all the paperwork. Reg and I are soooo very thankful for you and the Team’s handling of all the sheets and sheets and letters and letters we received from our mortgage company. It was very intimidating. Knowing we had the team to help explain was a relief for both of us and a comfort that the “threatening type words” in those letters were standard procedure and that you and the team addressed them for us. We are sorry we lost our beautiful home, but glad it was handled the next best way (for our credit) and that someone else now desires it. Thanks again for you and your team’s services and compassion during this trying time.”

I am an AZ Short Sale Realtor, Investor, and Foreclosure Expert. I am also an avid blogger, vlogger and consultant on all things Arizona foreclosures. Visit my website at