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We offer a comprehensive approach that creates value for our investor base by providing the resources to:

Sell and purchase using 1031 tax deferred exchange    Do a Business Merger and Acquisition Create a Sound Financial Plan Create a Solid Tracking System  Have a Real Tax and Exit Strategy Using a Private Annuity Correctly set up and Properly Designate a Corporation/Asset Protection.

The lack of any one of these things can mean possible double taxation and losing up to 60% or more of your gain. So we have formed several strategic alliances to aid you from your beginning purchase to your end sale and all of the inbetween.  In other words you are encouraged to take advantage of a whole team of professionals with over 50 years combined experience to help you stay safely and firmly on track. Remember the one of the surest ways to accumulate wealth is through Real Estate. Once you have achieved it, the rules of the game must include how to keep it.


I have been buying and selling Real Estate for investment purposes since 1985.  Both of my parents were brokers, my earliest memories are of riding my tricycle up and down the isles of the family Real Estate office.  I got into the professional arena as an after thought, when friends and family members began asking me how I had accomplishished some of the deals I had.  I have always been interested in finance and how the money flows.  I am very creative with a strong sense of ethics. I don't shy away from a difficult challenge and love a good puzzle.  Lately I have been able to work with small to medium developers who are looking for funding and have been over run or ignored by the big boys due to the smaller size of their deals.  I have found this to be very rewarding and have created some wonderful relationships in the process.


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