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Mangirdas Mangirdas
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I would like to offer you to add your objects into our web sites ( - main name, - for UK, - for USA, for Bulgaria, and much more coming soon ). All those 4 web sites has 1 database, that means , the adds will be visible in all of them. We have made a unique technology for becoming Nr. 1 in the World ( we have started our works just 4 month ago and we will be nr.1 in Europe during this month, because we are now transporting more than 500.000 objects ). It's made for a person, who is searching for a concrete information. That means, when you are searching, you wount find our web site, you will find a concrete object. 8 languages and 4 (at the moment) web sites multiplicate all our adds: 4*8*(500.000+ adds) = tons of unique links in a search engines. So it will become like "google", just for real estate.

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