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The King of Systems John Cochran is a 29 Year old who resides in Dayton, Ohio. He is a Real Estate Investor who has flipped over 150 Real Estate Deals in his 11 year career. He started off his career doing a lot of Rehabbing, then he bought a HUD House for $18.47 and got hooked on Wholesaling homes for fat profits. Once he tweaked his HUD Buying System and got it running smoothly without him, he created a training program called Wholesaling Mastery showing everyone all over the country all of his tips and tricks he uses on a daily basis to wholesale over 8 properties a month. John is also the founder of one of the fastest growing Real Estate Brokerages in the country “HomeBackers Realty” His brokerage is very unique, they ONLY work with Buyers. He has developed a system called Buyers on Fire which has allowed him to build a very responsive buyers list in his own local market of Dayton, Ohio of 18,000+ Retail, Cash, Rent to Own and Investor Buyers. He will flat out tell you… When you have all the buyers in area, you pretty much own the market and write your own paycheck. With all of his Real Estate Investments and his Brokerage combined, he is involved with over 30 transactions a month. John is also a Systems Nut!! Before creating over 1,200 video systems in his businesses he was just a little over $600,000 in debt and his business completely RAN him. “Video systems changed and saved my life. Before I had any systems in my business I was never able to work ON my business. Now that systems are in place I do nothing but work ON my business. That’s when my career REALLY took off” said John Cochran. He is the Founder of The King of Systems, Buyers on Fire and HUD Wholesaling and is in the process of developing a software call Agentsoft which he claims will change the way Real Estate is sold in just a couple of short years. With all the success John has in the Real Estate Business and his unique ability to break down a process and share it with the world is why he was crowned “The King of Systems” “People love my training and always have since day 1. I train my students the same exact way I train my successful staff. I don’t leave anything out and I take the gloves off on all of my products” said John When not Creating Systems or Trying to take over the world with his marketing skills, he likes to go Skydiving, Golf, Go to Reds baseball games and Travel the entire world. This Winter he will be spending the entire time in Maui, HI just to escape the cold winter in Ohio




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