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Get to Know Michelle Viggiano

If one were to ask me what I did for a living I would tell them the truth.  I am an experienced international interior designer and the owner of a professional faux finishing studio.  If someone were to ask what are you passionate about, I would tell them about my eco-responsible company, Four Winds Healthy Home Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning. Yes, it may seem odd to include environmental services into the mix, however, the path to arrival, is even more unusual...

I worked in the Middle East for 10 years designing and curating a museum.  Several years later,  while producing four exhibits annually and expanding with an additional wing, I decided an educational garden was a necessary entity to complete the historical experience.  I conceptualized an educational garden with various smaller gardens to create a whole story. Sections such as plants used for ~ "economic growth and survival" ~ "medicinal plants" ~ "culinary plants and herbs" to name a few, as well as a "faith based garden section" were created.  In this case, all the plants mentioned in the Koran would be included, no exceptions. I knew little about any of this, but conducted research for 18 months ~ locating rare and forgotten plants and seeds, making arrangements to grow them hydroponically, designing the layout of the garden, creating meaningful signage, all with a view to ensure an inviting environment to educate, inspire and delight any visitor regardless of their individual background, age or belief system.  I even went to Iran to research historical gardens, and this was in 1997.

But really I didn't have to go that far, the local citizens, hearing of the project, brought forth excellent first hand information. University educated individuals shared dissertations on local plants and their historical significance as well as their scientific properties. Older men and women brought stories of their youth, when all the medicine and cleaning agents they were ever exposed to, were just actual plants. I learned more than I ever imagined possible about plants and plant based components. So when I returned to the States, a colleague made a suggestion that I should open a carpet and air duct cleaning business and buy a cleaning van, etc. The idea left me cold and disinterested, and between us, my interior designer persona was a little miffed. Yet a few days later, I remembered the wondrous properties of plants in the garden I conceptualized and made a reality. It was then I decided to create a plant based carpet and air duct company and that rest was clear, at least to me.


When I first started this company in 2001, if I told someone we were green, they would usually respond with ~ "Well, you have to start somewhere, you will learn..."   

We, at Four Winds Healthy Home practice eco-responsible carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, drapery cleaning exclusively with  plant  based products and powerful enzymatic solutions.  Truly green cleaning powered by truck mounted steam extraction, calibrated correctly. Also offering eco-friendly soy based tile and stone honing, sealing and polishing. We are fully insured for commercial and residential projects. We specialize in not only cleaning fibers and surfaces but also making sure they are revitalized as well. Perfect for wool and silk carpeting and high-end upholstery and other decorative textiles.  Plant based solutions, unlike their chemical counterparts do not strip delicate fibers. Some wool and silk carpets can also be stripped of their luster with carbonation and high speed rpm methods. Non-toxic  cleaning and sanitizing with care and expertise is our methodology. However, being a green business owner as well as a consumer I know it is not enough just to  be eco-friendly and support sustainability.  The bottom line is still the same -  proven results, meaningful customer service and far reaching ethics. This is what we bring to the table. 

We also specialize in flawless stretching and patching of carpets, off-gassing of carpets and Oriental rugs, spot dying of carpets and repairs and color touch-ups on  some types of  Oriental rugs.  Environments with individuals who suffer with  asthma, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities are also our specialty as are households with pets that are allergic to traditional carpet and upholstery chemicals. German Shepherds are especially sensitive as are most cats, and of course, for birds of any kind, household and commercial cleaning chemicals can be fatally toxic.  We do offer pro-bono services to families truly in need with children who have severe respiratory illness and autism, as these children are most at risk with household and commercial cleaning products. Generally speaking, we believe that cleaning with chemicals is an oxymoron.  Cleaning while creating toxicity, chemical build-up and residue is not really cleaning. Whether your focus is on sustainable products and the environment, the health and well-being of your family and pets, protecting luxurious fibers, or just obtaining the most optimum cleaning, we address it all. Proudly serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Glendale, Peoria, Carefree, Cave Creek, Avondale, Laveen and valley wide.  www.healthyhomeaz.com





Plant based carpet and air duct cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, soy based stone sealing as well as plant based pest control.