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Daniel Hatmaker
Seized by His affection. Entrepreneur and internet
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Get to Know Daniel Hatmaker

I'm a Midwesterner at heart and a Californian by geography, but my identity is in Christ alone. I am seized by His affection and owe my life to Him. I wanted to be an entrepreneur as long as I can remember (probably has something to do with both of grandfathers being entrepreneurs) and in 2005 that dream came true. Since 2005 I've been a passionate real estate professional in the state of California.
In February 2006 I was forever transformed when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. He aligned my passions with His. I became hungry for His Word, the Bible and began to desire to serve Him above all else. That hunger for His Word and desire to serve Jesus led me to Bible Study Fellowship in September 2007. It was there I became the eradicator of Biblical illiteracy that I am today.
After several successful years in real estate I purchased my 1st home, a condo in Costa Mesa, in April of 2010. I bought more house than I needed, but little did I know I would be needing it. In March of 2012 I married a long time friend and beloved believer in Christ. While I haven't received an official reward a fate-filled trip to a feminine hygiene products aisle in 2014 earned me a nomination for husband of the year. On behalf of all other bold men who venture fearlessly into the aforementioned aisle I graciously accept the award of husband of the year.

Daniel Hatmaker is Real

Who is Daniel Hatmaker? Is he a real person? No one has the name Hatmaker...right? This video reveals that Daniel Hatmaker is REAL.


I am proficient at finding distressed properties (i.e. fixers, REOs, bank owned properties, foreclosures, short sales, divorce sales, teardowns, probate sales, hardship sales, etc...) in most areas of Southern California and primarily in LA County and Orange County.

I work with direct-lenders, asset management companies, first-time homebuyers and investor buyers. I have a solid network of lenders who specialize in first-time homebuyer programs and another group of lenders who work primarily with investment property buyers.

My passion is investment property real estate. Helping people find those fix and flip deals is exciting and challenging and I love finding a deal. I also enjoy consulting with buyers who are looking to invest in real estate with a buy and hold strategy. There are always lots of opportunities for the investment real estate buyer no matter what your strategy is. Let's chat and see what we can accomplish together.

Han Nguyen
Daniel is a unique employee who has exceptional work ethics. He is a reliable and honest person. He was truly a pleasure to work with.
Mike Chai
Daniel is a man of high integrity in all aspects of his life. He goes out of his way to help his clients find their dream home and/or sell their cuurent home. He is an expert in his field and being well networked can offer his clients "full service" recommendiong experts to help them with financing and insurance to name a few. Very professional and personable. I recommend him to be your Realtor of choice.
Trish Viszneki
Daniel provided great service and guidance throughout my real estate transactions. He is very ethical and trustworthy. His pleasant personality and easy-going style make him a joy to work with. I would hire him again in "a New York minute" and recommend you do the same. You'll be very pleased.
Kenneth White
Daniel assisted me with a print project- He used his knowledge of the real estate business to give an insight to develop an effective advertising campaign for a mortgage brokerage- I found his insight helpful and strategic as I designed and implemented the marketing plan.
Barbara Arrigale
I have known Daniel for many years and done several transactions with him. I am always put at ease when working with Daniel because I have great confidence in his personal ethic. He is proactive in his transactions staying on top of all aspect to anticipate areas where potential problems could arise and deal with them before they grow. He's one of the good guys.
Rick Valasek
Had the pleasure of working with Daniel for three years. He is well versed in our industry and is always looking for ways to improve the service level of his clients. Best of all, Daniel has used the scope of the latest technology to leverage the "reach" for his clients.
Ric Seaver
Daniel is one of the hardest working guys I know. He operates with strong integrity and ethics and delivers results over the long term. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to work with someone they can rely on.
Tim Kennan
Daniel is energetic, motivated and resourceful and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that will empower you to move forward in a strategic manner. His ethics and morals are of the highest regard and he leverages technology to bring you the latest and most state-of-the-art property reporting and assement valuations available.
Brett Burch
When in need, Daniel comes through. Recently I had need to obtain information for a couple of properties. Daniel was quick to respond and diligent in his effort to obtain the information I was seeking. He was a great help and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a responsive, aggressive and competent real estate agent.
Jonathan Wolfe
Daniel has always done a great job for us! He works hard to sell our properties quickly and make sure the property is being taken care of. I strongly recommend Daniel if you need a professional in his area.
Simone Kelly
Daniel Hatmaker is not only a pleasure to work with but his ability to problem solve and get the job done is unquestionable. Since I have been working with Daniel I have come to appreciate his ability to multitask and move in the direction of the market with ease and perseverance. If you are a owner or buyer looking to purchase or sell a home for personal and/or investment purposes you will not be disappointed in the quality of service and attention to detail Daniel provides to every client. One of Daniel's strong points that stands out to me on a daily basis is his ability to negotiate. He not only gets the job done, he gets the job done in the best interest of his clients, whether you are an asset manager or consumer, be prepared when you contact Daniel to be treated with respect. Your transaction will be one of the best experiences you will encounter within the Real Estate Community.
Jenn McCardle
Daniel is a very well organized individual which was displayed during his college years while attending classes, completing assignments and participating in our professional fraternity as well as holding the office of President. He has excellent leadership as well as people skills. He was able to accomplish many things as a member of our fraternity. He worked well with all members and was also able to get individuals to work as a team when they weren't necessarily compatible. I enjoyed my time spent working with Daniel on various projects and would look forward to doing so in the future if the opportunity presents itself.
Rex Critchlow
I have known Dan for more than ten years. He has always been a diligent and dedicated worker. More importantly I can say that he is a man of the utmost character and someone with whom I would have complete confidence.in whatever capacity he is employed.
Reid Mochizuki
Daniel always handles his clients with great care and unquestionable integrity. His ability to understand and take ownership of the issues that need to be addressed no matter how complicate the transaction makes him very easy to work with. I would recommend Daniel's services with absolutely no reservations.
Kristy Skopelja
I have known Dan for over 9 years now. We were both active members of Delta Sigma Pi at Indiana State University. Dan is a very outgoing, hard-working, motivated individual. I would recommend him for any job he may apply for in the future.

My identity is in Christ alone and I am seized by His affection. Real estate affords me the ability to be an entrepreneur while working on being husband of the year to my wife.