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Get to Know Guillermo Serafin

I am a HUD approved broker to represent buyers in transactions involving HUD Homes. I am a member of the FORCE (Federation of REO certified Experts) I specialize in assisting buyers make decisions that will benefit them now and in the future. I have been involved with negotiating short sale transactions since 2005 and have done so successfully not only for myself but for other real estate agents and companies. I work with first time buyers as well as seasoned investors. I am a hands on broker. I pre-qualify all my clients to insure that they are not being fed bad information about their financing and so that once we get them in to escrow the deal will close. I also use my mortgage background to benefit my sellers. I can insure that when they except an offer that the buyer has been qualified and if the deal doesn't go through it's not because of financing issues. I perform BPO's for a variety of companies and lenders so I am well a wear of values and how to determine them correctly. I teach both consumer classes as well as classes for other real estate professionals on dealing with distressed properties and making sure that clients are covered correctly both by their home insurance as well as a mortgage protection plan that will keep their interest safe just in case of a tragedy. I make sure that my clients are well informed and that no document that they sign is miss read and or not understood. I believe that educating my clients throughout the transaction is empowering them.


1.   Short sales

I own a third party service that negotiates short sales for a flat fee for real estate agents and companies.

I specialize in assisting home owners who have to sell do to financial hardship to do so with integrity and through a painless process that allows them to make the right decisions to protect themselves during and after the short sale process. The whole process is cost free and depending on the clients situation we can sometimes negotiate and get them funds to assist them to relocate. We help them control their move out date and terms and avoid evictions and further unnecessary damage to their credit profile. We make sure that the selling of their home is on their terms from when it's shown and how it's shown. To when they move out and who gets to see the home. We take those clients that had to short sell their property and guide them after the transaction back to home ownership as soon as possible. We work with homes that are encumbered by multiple liens as well as ones that just have one lien. We work on and close all the other deals other agents feel are hopeless and don't want to touch. We make sure that the clients are not going to face further action by their lenders by reviewing the short sale approval letters and making sure that the wording is correct. We understand that short sales are not your standard transaction and we know that you as a seller don't want just anyone handling this vital and delikit manner. We have patience and consult with our clients not just tell them what's in their best interest. You are still the boss even if it's a short sale.


2.  HUD Homes

I am a HUD approved broker I am approved to assist buyers in purchasing HUD Homes. These are great opportunities both for first time buyers as well as investors.


3.  Mortgage

I have a background in the mortgage industry and assist lenders with qualifying and insuring clients are fully informed about the financing on their real estate transactions. I am familiar with FHA, VA, and Conventional loans as well as hard money and commercial.


4.  Investor representation

I being an investor myself am aware of what an investor wants and needs in a transaction. I'm constantly gaining access to properties that are not on the MLS and are great deals. I have programs that allow me to build long term partnerships with full time investors that save them lots of money when it comes times for the resale of their investment.


5.  First time buyers.

I started my career working with first time buyers and still to this day find it the most rewording. It's amazing to make someone's dream of home ownership a reality. I make sure to walk my first time buyers through the process at a speed that works for them. I also insure that they are purchasing the correct property with the correct mortgage for their situation. I have a save $5,000 when you buy through us guarantee. I'm always looking to improve my service so I constantly am adding new services and features to my representation packages.


6.   Property management

I have managed properties for clients and my own properties for about 6years now and believe that proactive service can save money and headaches. I believe in making sure that a person's investment property is just that an investment not a headache or money pit.


We specialize in looking at a clients entire financial picture and assist with finding real estate that compliments their current and future goals and dreams.