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Get to Know Janie K Lewis

I want to help make you as a realtor successful.  How can I get your buyers into their new home?  We offer several down payment assistance programs - some with a retention period, some without, depending on what their goals are.  We truly have a team approach in our office - if I'm unavailable to answer a question right away, someone else is.  Or, call me on my cell phone for immediate service.  

We have our own in-house underwriter, and are locally owned so we have lots of options others don't.  Does your buyer have shaky credit, but you and I both know it was caused by an unusual situation? We take that into consideration getting them approved where others have no choice but to flat turn them down.  Plus, no final underwriting!  We don't give pre-approval letters, we give APPROVAL letters - once we say YES we won't string you along for three weeks and then tell you we can't get them approved on the day of closing.  Just try us once and you'll be glad you did!


I was previously in the credit repair world for 18 years, know how to negotiate, and am not afraid to do it.  I feel I am blessed with the ability to make people feel at ease, and open up to me.  Give me a buyer that has been turned down, and I'll show you a new potential buyer, with a game plan and time frame to getting them approved.  I work with them one-on-one until each issue has been resolved - then send them back to you to go house hunting!

Again, we have a number of down payment assistance programs to offer, for both FHA and Conventional.  I don't know of any others that offer down payment assistance for Conventional.  And being in a military town, we know VA frontwards and backwards.  We have rural programs, too, and you might be surprised to find out just how much of Comanche County is considered rural.

We offer several personal touches for your buyer that no one else does, as far as we know.  Here at Cornerstone, we make it a near seamless operation from start to finish, taking away so much of the emotional highs and lows.  The market itself is volatile enough - we don't need to make our buyers and sellers that way, too!


I love my job! I am in the business of getting EVERYONE into their own home. I don't think of it as a yes or no situation, but as a yes-now or yes-once we overome any credit obstacles. I love to help!