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Justin Gramm
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Get to Know Justin Gramm

When I began in real estate I worked for two traditional real estate brokerages before going out on my own and founding Globella Buyers Realty. Here is what I found that motivated me to start my own company. I found that there was (and still is) a need for buyer specialists in the real estate industry. For decades, the real estate industry has been dominated by listing agents and listing agencies. Despite the fact that buyers deserved to have a REALTOR® representing them on their side of the transaction, many agents found it difficult to specialize in helping buyers when the majority of the properties for sale were controlled by listing agents. It just made more sense (and money) to be a listing agent than a buyer agent. However, the times have changed. With advances in technology, the internet, and the sharing of listing information via multiple listing services and REALTOR® associations, agents now have more tools to locate properties for their buyers than ever before. As I began to specialize in helping buyers, one day it dawned on me that I could provide much better service to my clients by starting my own company - a company that was committed to never representing a seller - EVER! Globella Buyers Realty never takes any listings. Globella is an exclusive buyer agency, and this allows us to be on the BUYER'S SIDE 100% of the time.

Traditional real estate brokerages take listings and also represent buyers. The job of a listing agent is to get the highest price for his seller client and to represent his client's best interests at all times. The job of a buyer agent is to negotiate the lowest price for his buyer client and to represent his client's best interests at all times. What happens when a buyer wants to buy one of the brokerage's listings? In California, this is called dual agency. Obviously, this creates a huge conflict of interest. In the end it hurts the clients and benefits the brokerage. The clients cannot receive the best representation from their REALTOR® in a dual agency situation, yet the brokerage many times earns twice the commission (for representing both sides). Some agents/brokerages advertise that they will never get into a dual agent situation. This means that if one of their buyers decides to buy one of their listings, they have to tell either the buyer or seller to take a hike (and find a different agent after all the time they've already spent working together). This didn't make sense to me, and so I founded Globella Buyers Realty, a company that ONLY represents buyers. We never run into a dual agency situation. Although we've given up the right to work with sellers, we've found that by offering a specialized service to represent buyers on their side of the transaction we've generated a loyal, and trusting following... and we believe that we've started a trend in San Diego that is sure to grow stronger and stronger as the word about exclusive buyer agency gets out to more and more buyers.


From first time buyers, to executives, to empty nesters or vacation home buyers, we specialize in the exclusive representation of home buyers in the San Diego area (coastal and inland). We offer full fiduciary duties and protect our clients' best interests throughout their transaction (see above).

We provide free consultation services and homebuying information to prospects. We negotiate on our clients' behalf and work to get the most favorable price and terms for the buyer. As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we provide comparables that reflect the true market value of a home, not comparables that justify an overpriced listing. Our job is equally important to us whether we are helping you close your purchase, or if we are helping protect your best interests as we help you cancel a transaction.

Our goal is to help you get the best deal on a home or property where you will enjoy living, spending time with family and entertaining friends! We also want to help you make sound investment decisions based on real facts and our expertise.



Are you buying a home in the San Diego area within 90 days? We work for you on your side! We evaluate homes & prices, and we counsel & negotiate for BUYERS ONLY!