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Gerald McWilliams
location_on San Diego, CA — Marketing
Get to Know Gerald McWilliams

I was born in Bakersfield, California, and got started on computers in grade school. I've worked privately with many people to help them get web sites up and running, most of them friends of my family (and it's a large family!).


I like to build web sites, especially if they include any sort of interactive stuff like shopping carts, blogs, and order forms. I can help you with just about any platform you need, including static sites to hold your place on the Internet, or significantly interactive sites like Facebook and Twitter, or sites like Wordpress and Foursquare. If I don't have experience with the site you're considering, that's usually not a problem since the back end where I work is the same or very similar for all of them.

A new interest of mine is online games, and I'm working right now with two companies right now, one up in the San Francisco area and one here in the San Diego area.


My speciality is online marketing for startup businesses, including building web sites of all types, including ecommerce sites, blog platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Foursquare, and others.