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I am an appraiser in the wonderful State of Wisconsin. I take great pride in my knowledge of Real Estate, and the large group of friends, lenders and financial institutions have put great trust in me

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What's in a name? I would like to think that one earns trust. I would further think that one would deserve the upmost in respect, courtesy, and that if an individual puts faith in you it is because of the Integrity, Passion for one's performance in work, and life, and the professional standards that a person can display and should shoot to exceed at all times.

I come from a very loving family. My upbringing from my parents and family instilled deep roots for work ethic. It also gave me enormous values and morals that I am proud to say I have respected all my life. People that know me will tell you I am the kind of man that would rather let you down now than later. I beleive I have a warm personality, and I always would like to put others first. My faith in God means a lot to me, and I donottake it lightly.

I am a Veteran of the Military of this superb country, as well as my family members are Veterans, and we are fortunate to be able to call ourselves Americans. This Country was found in the sense of hard work, a good hand shake that means something, and that one'sword means everything.

I love the Real Estate Industry; not just because of all the many wonderful faces I meet everyday in the ways of customers, clients, Brokers, Sellers, and the general public, but also the ability to be my best is my goal with every assignment I am hired to perform. I treat every appraisal as if it were my swan song.

I am a person of great detail and research in anything I do. I am calculated, finite, and determined. I believe this shows in the many clients and customers that I can call friends.

I Sincerely mean that , and you have my word on it,

George Sparangis

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I am highly versed and knowledgeable in appraisals. Whether it is new construction, home and building sales,or you are a  potential buyer or seller, I will always do my best, and deliver my best.
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