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Fulton Gaylord, 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor - Charlottesville, VA (Keller Williams Realty) Real Estate Agent



Fulton Gaylord
1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor - Charlottesville, VA
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I've always been most comfortable working as a 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor.

Throughout my 18+ years as a 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor, I've listened to the experts who said "Listings are, and always will, be the name of the game" and accordingly, tried to move more towards that listing side of real estate.

But, I guess you tend to gravitate more to the things you enjoy, and year after year, my production was solidly derived from buyers--and more importantly, as a 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor.

I guess it's the teacher's blood in me, handed down through the ages from my parents and their parents...all of them teachers. I love talking, teaching, and counseling all about real estate.

And, I really enjoy the clear, unbridled honesty of the young, new home buyer. They tend to be so emotionally involved with the process and it charges what I do and electrifies every turn and curve during the transaction. When you walk into that perfect home,you know, the one that's speaking to them? And then, when you close and give them the keys? It's so much more than a house or a necessity, it's a dream, a new way of life, a coming of age into the American Dream. And I love it.

It's an awesome feeling!

I love being a 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor!

Charlottesville Real Estate

Welcome To Charlottesville!

I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I ? :)


-Personality. You don't want to work with a damp dish rag nor do you want a slick talking smooth operator. You want a seasoned professional 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor who's secure in who he is, and what he's doing, that he doesn't need to burden you with the needs and wants of his overbearing ego!

-Personal representation and fiduciary responsibility, to you.

-Initial counseling and planning session to strategize best way to achieve your home buying goals.

-Valuation expertise. Banks hire me because they know they can count on proper pricing--so important in any market. Likewise, you can count on an honest appraisal of each interesting property and how I believe it fits into your home buying strategy.

-Knowledge of the area. In the process of performing property appraisals, I've had to venture far and wide throughout central Virginia, and I doubt if there is another 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor that knows the area as well as me!

-Extensive experience working with banks and holding companies. It's almost like having an insider working for you, telling you what to expect and the best plan of attack in order to get maximum results!

-Long list of reliable service providers. One of the benefits of being in business for so many years as a 1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor, are the associations I've made with service providers, like:

      *mortgage brokers,
      *inspectors, *HVAC, plumbing, electric, and general contractors.

-Immediate access to every listed property with every Realtor and every real estate agency.

Charlottesville Real Estate


1st-Time Home Buyer Realtor-->advising, directing, and counseling you through the maze of the real estate transaction, to a successful close on the home of your dreams!