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Get to Know Steve Fritzsche

I discovered at a young age of 7 that Real Estate was to be my destiny due to always looking thru newspaper ads written for sale. As I sat on my couch next to the paper, I heard someone walking down the hall of our home, quickly! showing off that I could read the real estate section, I hustle to grab the classifieds...My sister walked into living room asking me what are you reading...I stated the real estate section! Speaking in high tone...I'M GOING TO BE A REAL ESTATE AGENT WHEN I GROW UP! Im reading the real estate section...sister replied, so why are you reading the paper upside down?

To this day Every page has never been upside down again with one exception... Im on the other side of a closing and the buyers and sellers placing an autographs on there future home venture.

Throughout my life I have had a passion for every corner of the housing market. Began remodeling homes to soon building homes as a general contractor. Roughly 15 years ago I realized my dream needed to be recognized...I became an Realtor. 

I enjoy sharing the future dreams of home buyers and witnessing the excitement as seller venture into a new home location as there home has just sold or the perfect home stand before buyers and realize this is where they will soon place the couch, build the baby room or sit here on the patio and retire. 

Have assisted in selling lots with home builds, existing home sales, multi-unit sales, short sales, full developement and sales to home buyers. Each are uniquely gratifying throughout the process to a successful close.

As a great mentor once stated to me...each sale is a bloody nuckle fight for Realtor's until the sale is final and to take the punch while the buyers and seller's walk thru with ease. How true...would not change it for any other opportunity.

Real Estate is a passion, a dream and destiny...




28 years experience in housing market from building homes to upto date 15 years in Real Estate with Professional wealth of knowledge of choice here in Utah.

Service as partner/owner of Real Estate Brokerage

Over 400 lot with home build sales ranging from Vernal To Slat Lake Wasatch Front Mountain Range down to St George utah.

Numerous Homes sold and placed with new home buyers

Numerous listings sold within time needed for home sellers scheduled moving plans.

Successful selling existing homes, new home construction, land investment opportunities, multi-units...

Traveled on Seminar Circuit Nationwide selling lots and homes here in Utah on large developement sales



Active Rain connection to Utah Real Estate in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Summit, Wasatch plus Utah County.