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Air Purification The Natural Way!  Hi, my name is Linda Rickard and I specialize in Indoor Air Quality.

Our Whole Home Protection Package is designed to provide a basic environmental conditioning package for the entire home, the Total Proection Base Package includes:  1 Fresh Air unit for overall home coverage, 1 EcoBox to bring Active Pure anywhere in the house where extra attention is needed - like those out of the way areas in the basement or rec room. 1 Fresh Air Focus unit to spot treat problem areas.

The Fresh Air is top of the line residential air purifier and covers up to 3,000 square feet. The Active Pure Radiant Catalytic Ionization that does an incredible job of cleaning your air.

The EcoBox is the newest air purifer in our line and covers up to 1,500 square feet. If you have a condo, small apartment, live in a manufactured home or smaller residence then the ecobox is perfect for you.

Fresh Air Focus - Hampers, trash cans, diaper pails...they're all designed to store smelly stuff.  How do you stop them from smelling up the whole room?  The answer is to take one of nature's most powerful deodorizers and target the very source of the problem; to literally focus what makes fresh air fresh, and bring it indoors.

If you have homes that have problems with Smoke, Mold, Mildew and Fungi, etc., then evaluate one of these units for 3 - 5 days and give us a testimonial on how they work for you.

It is our mission that every home in America will have one of these units - after all, everyone should have the privilege of breathing good clean air.

Go to:  this will give you a good overview on our products.


Our Fresh Air unit is the top of the line residential air purifer and covers an area up to 3,000 sq feet. Will take care of the average American home . Does an incredible job of cleaning your air.