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My Company covers all of Conn.-Mass. and NY We also do Real Estate &Mortgages and Credit counseling on a National scale. We are number #1 for Service!

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The Owners Background-Owner/Broker/Loan Originator Conn.-Mass-NY-Vermont.      My name is Frank A. Stoto and this is a brief outline of my life and career. I grew up in Hartford and was a police officer for 10yrs. I've started 3-different retail businesses from scratch, in the same year. I've developed sub-divisions and have built and sold many homes. I've been in real estate for 17yrs. and have worked for small and large companies. In this time I have signed over 900+ clients under a Buyers Agency contract and my "New Concept Programs"for Real Estate are changing the way Real Estate is done . In June of 2000 I obtained my brokers license and I created Buyer's Advantage Realty and now we are creating the best educational package for new agents and Buyers-Sellers anywhere! Our Company is a Unique one of a kind Internet connected Home-Based Structure that gives Service to clients ASAP.We are the #1 Company for many lead sites and handle over 50+ Pre-approved leads a month!We have created a new program for Credit issues and that's our Credit Counseling Service.The Company has also formed Buyers Advantage Real Estate Investment Company which looks into land purchases/Tax Leins.I am also doing Training to educate the Public with Seminars and Training Mortgage Companies,Banks and any groups that want "Truth and Protection" in Real Estate.We also have developed a relationship with a Mortgage Company and I am a Loan Originator to give clients instant answers to Pre-Qualifying or Credit Counseling. We are now developing a $100 Million Dollar Resort/Hotel/Marina in Morris Conn. on Bantam Lake. Feel free to contact me anytime.(866-584-5789).  


WHAT IS A BROKER VS. AGENT     The Real Estate industry has been changing over the years.  When I started 15 years ago, there were 25,000 agents in the State of Connecticut; now there are less than 16,000.  One reason for this is there are few qualified professionals that know all aspects of buying and selling and there is no support either educationally or financially by Real Estate Companies.  One question asked of me is, "What is the difference between an agent and a broker?"  To get into the business as an agent, all you need is 60 hours of classes and then take a test.  If you want to become a broker and control your own business, you need two years experience and over 300 hours of schooling.  I have over 900 hours of training and have built houses plus developed subdivisions and developed a Company that is light years ahead of any company!       The standard branch office structure has a broker located somewhere in the State with agents in an office run by a Manager.  We can compare this to the question of your health.  Who would go to for major decisions regarding physical problems?  A Doctor who is an intern, or a professional who has handled hundreds of cases?  I have signed, under contract, over 900 people, and specialize in negotiating for the best interest of my clients. Our marketing plans for sellers are not matched by any company!  If you have important questions concerning your family, whom would you want to talk to - an agent or the Broker/Owner?
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