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I became a licensed Real Estate Broker in 2003, at which time I was surpirised to discover that very few effective technologies were available to us agents. Previous industries I had worked in were using a great deal of technology to advance, grow, change, develop and improve business productivity. The "age of the internet" quickly provided many tools to simplify, streamline, and maximize efficiency and effectiveness. As brokers and agents selling the highest pricest commodities, I wondered why the real estate industry seemed among the slowest to adopt many of these new technologies and why more real estate applications weren't easily available to us.

In 2004, I started a company called Photogenic Homes. As a broker and photographer, I noticed that MLS listings often featured only 1 photo, or perhaps a few unflattering photos. I sought out to change this, as I knew we could effectively sell more homes if we delivered a better product to our online buyers. The first step was to feature flattering, photogenic pictures of the homes we were selling. I began re-shooting all the listings held by the brokerage I worked for. The Before and After pictures and the increase in sales and attention we received proved that better photography made a big difference!


Soon I was shooting magazine covers for Homes and Land, Coastal Homes, and the Monterey County Herald's Real Estate Guide. I served agents from many different brokerages to provide them eye-catching, attention-getting photography for their listings. It has been a real thrill for me to shoot such a wide variety of homes and see my fellow agent colleagues so pleased and proud of how their listings look.   (view magazine covers and before and afters at: )


But I knew I could do more. I knew I could teach agents all I had learned, share with them my "tricks of the trade", and help them shoot their own photogenic photography. (view my photo tips at: )


Still, I was unhappy with the viewing limitations made upon our listings by the formats of the MLS-search sites available to us. Such limitations included: number of photos, resolution size, and viewing size. They were so small! Again, I knew we could do better.


The past year and a half I have dedicated myself, with a small team of agents and a tech-savvy graphic artist, to developing a 2.0 technology that would allow us agents across the country to feature large, full resolution photos to buyers in a fast viewing format that includes FULL SCREEN viewing of all listing photos.


In addition, this online platform had to provide more of the marketing tools we agents really need: custom identity branding, Open House announcements, a printable flyer, a unique url address, MLS & Branded web links, Gallery embed codes, lead-generating tools, referral avenues, maps and Street View. And, it had to be super affordable.


Flash Gallery Homes is the result of this vision. We are proud to have recently unveiled this incredible online platform for making your listings more appealing to buyers and easier for you to sell homes faster online.


Please see for yourself by visiting our website and trying Flash Gallery for FREE on one of your listings.

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  There’s a company that has just released a new, revolutionary product for real estate agents that simplifies their internet marketing and gives buyers a faster, more attractive, more enjoyable FULL SCREEN view of homes. The company, Flash Gallery Homes,, understands real estate agents are not able to promote the properties they represent online in an elegant, appealing way.  Sometimes, the technical know-how is missing; in other cases, there’s just not enough time in the day to get it all done.  However, because online marketing for real estate is so important, Flash Gallery Homes is proud to announce a streamlined web-based solution to these concerns with its newest Flash-based platform. “Our goal is two-fold: simplify effective marketing for agents so they can sell homes faster and create a better experience for buyers by improving the way they shop for homes online,” said Angelina Shamrock.  “We’ve designed Flash Gallery Homes to add instant online curb appeal to listings, giving buyers exactly what they expect – attractive display of large photos, modern technology, and access to everything they want to see, all within the first 30 seconds of their initial click.”  Besides setting a new standard for easy and attractive home viewing online, the system provides valuable agent tools, including open house announcements, printable brochures, daily visitor tracking, and much more.  The Flash Gallery Homes platform also works perfectly for brokerages aiming for an elegant, effective, and consistent look across all of their listings.  Plus, the Galleries are easily integrated with an agent’s own individual website.  Just by joining, agents or brokers will automatically receive a Free Gallery. Setting a new standard for easy and attractive home viewing online, Flash Gallery Homes is iPad and mobile device ready to ensure that buyers are able to view the enticing listings rapidly with no tech issues or incompatibilities.  The full screen mode is a customer favorite – allowing buyers to see all the details they expect.  Another really unique feature the platform offers is “Street View,” which enables buyers to virtually drive up and down the property’s street to see the big picture.  To encourage the maximum possible benefit from the system and give every listing that professional edge, Flash Gallery Homes even provides complimentary expert photogenic photo tips and tricks to agents.            Founded and directed by Angelina Shamrock, a licensed real estate broker and photographer who boasts credits for shooting 20+ professional real estate magazine covers, Flash Gallery Homes is setting a new standard for viewing homes online while helping agents sell homes faster than ever by increasing online curb appeal.  For more information, call (831) 402-8231 or visit

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