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Frank Farahbakhsh Moham
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Frank Moham, ABR®,  GREEN®, ePRO®,  TRC®,  SFR®,  VRM, REALTOR®


As an accomplished real estate professional, I am dedicated to the clients and the

neighborhoods I represent. My inside knowledge of the market and commitment to

success are unmatched. I bring the discipline, initiative and zeal of a consummate

professional to the business of successfully managing your transaction. About 29

years of Real estate related experience. Able to help you locally, nationally or

internationally. Mostly focused on Southern California region.

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Selling your home?  in our journey together we will take advantage of the mostly ignored but extremely important tools, like:

- utilizing the huge pool of the international buyers that according to the National Association of REALTORS purchased about  $104 billion during Apr./2014 to Mar./2015.

See How to add MILLIONS to your pool of prospective HOME BUYERS (use the power of a TRC certified agent):


- Showcasing the property  by an efficient MLS presentation describing and emphasizing the selling points of your home,

- Helping to prepare the home for sale (by reviewing and adjusting: the curb appeal, interior, furniture position/selection, color usage, minor repairs, closet arrangements, personal items, landscaping, …) and,


- Most importantly, offering you the ability to benefit from a brilliant nontraditional pricing strategy that, if adopted correctly, will bring the HIGHEST PRICE POSSIBLE AND SELLS IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME. This pricing strategy is designed to bridge the gap between the Seller’s opinion of value and the Buyer’s “low-ball” mentality. It opens the line of communication earlier than traditional fixed price listings, allowing the market dynamics to dictate the final sales price.  The Seller benefits by generating offers he may not have received due to the limitations of fixed pricing.  The presence of several offers may act as the catalyst in producing sales all the way from the bottom to above the prevailing and even to the top of the range. Make sure to only use a professional with verified credentials and training to achieve the goals of this pricing strategy.

See How how you can SELL your HOME at the HIGHEST PRICE and Shortest Time possible (how VRP works for you):         


 If you want to buy a home you must be assured that you are represented by an agent who advocated for you (not the seller), and provides efficiency, Protection, and strong negotiation skills on your behalf.

See How how you can Buy your HOME with Knowledge and Confidence (use the power of an agent with ABR designation):



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Achieved Several Real Estate Designations because I believe that knowledge is the power.   What my Real Estate Designations mean for you:


- ABR® Accredited Buyer Representative: an ABR® designated buyer’s rep can help you   

  make informed decisions throughout the entire home buying process especially the negotiations.

        . Reasons  Why Buying a New Home Might Work Better for you  

      . Use this FREE resource when buying a new home from a builder

- VRM Certified, Specialized in Selling Luxury and Unique homes and also reintroducing  

   the unsold homes to the market.

- ePRO® Certified to effectively communicate with the online consumer:  today, the keystrokes

   may be as important as the handshakes.

- TRC® Transnational Referral Certified: Cross-border transactions can be complex, so it

  is important to involve a professional who understands local market business practices  

  and market conditions.

- SFR® Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource: Helping you to prevent Foreclosure and

  Short Sale if possible or facilitate it if necessary. 

- GREEN® How to use the safe building material/science to be healthy and comfortable in   

   your home and conserve the natural resources.




>>>   Find the school district and the schools assigned to any address in the U.S.  <<<                                                                                       *************************************************************************


   Real Estate Experience:

2016  -  Present    Stanfles Realty, Inc.

      2008       -  10/2016     REeBroker Group

      2006       -  2008          Premier Group Realty

      2002       -  2006          Prudential California Realty   

      1998       -  2002          CB Richard Ellis (Commercial Real Estate)

      1986       -  1998          Coldwell Banker



Professional Associations & Organizations:

   National Association of Realtors (NAR) REALTOR®

   California Association of Realtors (CAR)  

   Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR)

   The Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC)

   The International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA)

   Asian Real Estate Association Of America (AREAA)

   Member of The Green MLS Community

   Member of C.A.R.'s Young Professional Network (YPN)



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    Green MLS Community Blog.

    Wordpress Blog.



Ask Me How Section:

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click on the link below to see the current Real Estate market condition in Orange County:



OC California – Most Recent Market Condition



 Market Reports, South Orange County Cities:

    Aliso Viejo Real Estate.         VideoTour     Laguna Niguel Real Estate.      VideoTour

    Corona Del Mar Real Estate.      VT             Lake Forest Real Estate.                     VT

    Coto De Caza Real Estate.          VT            Mission Viejo Real Estate.                   VT

    Dana Point Real Estate.              VT            Newport Beach Real Estate.                VT

    Irvine Real Estate.                      VT            Newport Coast Real Estate.                 VT

    Ladera Ranch Real Estate.          VT           Rancho Santa Margarita Real Estate.   VT

    Laguna Beach Real Estate.         VT            San Clemente Real Estate.                   VT

    Laguna Hills Real Estate.            --             San Juan Capistrano Real Estate.        VT




 Market Charts & Reports, SoCal Counties:

   Orange County  Monthly,  Quarterly.            Los Angeles  Monthly,  Quarterly.

   San Diego          Monthly,  Quarterly.            Riverside      Monthly,  Quarterly.



 The Buyers and the Sellers Section:

     . Sell your Home at the HIGHEST Possible PRICE.

     . Check Detailed Profile of any U.S. city, county, or zip code.

     . Compare:  Schools, Cities, Climates, Crime Rates, Cost of Livings.

     . See what is nearby, explore the Neighborhood, and check your Walk Score.

     . Buyer Pre-diligence about: Schools, Crimes, Air Quality, Weather, Fire Station,  

       Police  Station, Earthquake, Tornado, Radon, Airport, Library, Pollutants, Building

       Permits, ….

     . RENTALS, Are you paying too much for rent?   Are you Charging too little?

     . California Foreclosure REPORTS by County & CITY...

     . What's Happening in local markets?

     . What's the Value of your Home?  Contact me.

     . TAX RELIEF: Take Advantage of California’s Propositions 60 and 90 on

       Transferring Property Tax Base. Counties which accept Prop 90

       Click here to receive a prinrtable guide.  

     . Get Your FREE Home Buyer's Toolkit. Contact me.

     . What Every Seller Must Know.

     . Buying VS Renting, the breakeven horizon in your city.

     . Buy VS Rent, Interactive map adjustable by Mortgage Rate, Tax Bracket, & Duration.

     . Why buying a new home might work better for you?

     . How to keep more money in your pocket when you buy a newly                 constructed home from a builder?

     . Verify if a condominium project is FHA-approved.

     . All About an Specific Address (Crimes, Schools, Enviro Hazards, Air Quality,


     . Profile of any U.S. city or zip code (Rankings such as income, crime, most cars,

       shortest commute, biggest houses, best educated residents, and many more, ...)

     . What is your Walk Score? (How close are you to: Public Transportation,

        Schools,  Restaurants, Shops, Groceries, Outdoor Places, ...)

     . California Market At A Glance.

     . California Interactive Market Stats by County.

     . California Foreclosures by Zip Code.

     . Use my FREE Short Sale Services.

     . Real Estate Market Cycles, OC record since 1990.

     . California Current Market Data By Region & County.

     . Mortgage Calculator - Fixed or Adjustabale Mortgage which one is better for you?

     . Build a Green Home (with eco-friendly Materials, Ideas, and Products).

     . Down Payment Resource (DPR) for Home Buyers.

     . Find Size of a Home or Plat of Land.



Orange County California Tour

Orange county tour will give a good insight about this county and some useful insights to the Real estate buyers. Your best source to rely on is your REALTOR that can provide an in depth information about specific areas of interest.



- ABR® Accredited Buyer Representative: an ABR® designated buyer’s rep can help you   

            make informed decisions throughout the entire home buying process.

             . Why Buying a Newly constructed Home Might Work Better for you

             . Use this FREE resource when buying a new home from a builder

             . What is the best way for marketing & Selling  your Luxury and Unique homes


- GREEN® a NAR GREEN® designee can help you distinguish fact from 

                 fiction and make educated decisions about: green materials,

                 energy-efficient technology, green ratings, green design, green

                 living, green incentives and more!

             . For Buyers

             . For Sellers

             . For Builders


- ePRO® Certified to effectively communicate with the online consumer:  today, the

              keystrokes may be as important as the handshakes.


- TRC® Transnational Referral Certified: Cross-border transactions can be comple so it is

             important to involve a professional who understands local market business

             practices and conditions.


- SFR® Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource: Helping you to prevent any Foreclosure

             and Short Sale when possible or facilitate them if necessary. 

             . My FREE Short Sale Services! 


- CG-REP® Certified Green Real Estate Professional: Helping you as a resource for more

             energy efficient, healthier, higher quality, green home.  Informing you about

             rebates and green lending programs. 


- REALTOR® member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and  subscribes to its

              strict  REALTOR®  Code of Ethics.

              .  The critical role of a REALTOR® in a real estate transaction                                             




- Certified in Value Range Marketing (VRM)              

- Certified Homefacts Realtor/Agent




How to do a Tax Deffered Exchange*

Selling tax free has never been easier! It's simple when you follow the steps, and a qualified accommodator is there for you at every phase in your transaction. For your convenience,  the following checklist is being provided to walk you through the basic exchange process. Happy exchanging!

Consult your accommodator expert regarding your specific property and situation, rules might change unexpectedly.

Sell your relinquished property. Remember to notify your buyers in the contract or an amendment to the contract of your intent to complete a 1031 exchange (with buyer's cooperation and at no additional cost to the buyers). Open your exchange as soon as you have your property under contract. Sit back. From here, your accommodator team will do all the work. Sign your exchange documents. Close on the sale of your relinquished property. The exchange proceeds are wired to accommodator to be safely held in a trust account. Countdown begins. Your exchange period begins when you close on your relinquished property. You have 180 days to complete your exchange (or until the date your tax return is due, whichever is earlier). Identify your replacement property. Mail to your accommodator your identification letter, dated within your 45 day identification period. Purchase your replacement property. Remember to notify the sellers in the contract that you are completing your 1031 exchange (with seller's cooperation and at no additional cost to the sellers). Notify accommodator  when you are under contract for your replacement property.Relax. Once again, accommodator will work with your closing officer to ensure you complete all the exchange documents as required. Sign your exchange documents. .. Close on the purchase of your replacement property.


Frequently Asked Questions How can I qualify to pay NO taxes when I sell my property?

Any investor can qualify! Section 1031 of the IRS code lets you sell your property and buy a new property without paying any taxes. You simply follow specific rules. That's where we come in. As a professional qualified intermediary, we'll help you qualify and gain the advantages of a 1031 tax free exchange.

Can I avoid paying taxes forever?

Yes, you can. By simply following the 1031 exchange rules every time you sell one or more properties and buy replacement properties, when you die your estate escapes all the capital gains taxes forever!

What exactly are the tax advantages in exchanging?

You can eliminate paying any capital gains taxes, and you can eliminate paying the even higher-rate taxes on the recapture of depreciation you've taken on your property. By exchanging into a higher priced property you'll also gain additional depreciation deductions which can increase your after-tax income.

Are there reasons to exchange other than tax advantages?

Yes, there are many non-tax reasons to exchange. For example, if you no longer like managing property, you can exchange your management intensive property for triple-net management free property, or exchange multiple smaller properties for one that can be professionally managed. Or, say your current property cannot be easily refinanced. You could exchange out of that property for a new property which could be refinanced more easily so you can take some cash out. Or, you might exchange to improve cash flow.

What kind of real estate qualifies for a 1031 exchange?

Almost every kind of real estate is considered "like kind" and can be exchanged for any other real estate, including vacant land for apartments, a rental house for a shopping center, an office building for a leasehold interest with 30 years or more remaining, as long as you hold them for investment or business use. Check with us on the specific properties.

How long can I take to buy a new property?

You have 180 days between the closing date on the sold property and the closing date on the purchased property.

Can I buy a new property before selling my old one?

Yes, you can buy a new property before selling the old property and still qualify - it's called a "reverse" exchange. The qualified intermediary takes title to the new property you buy and holds it for you until you sell your old property.

Can I get money out of the exchange tax free?

Yes, one way is to complete the exchange first and then refinance the new property.

Can I use my IRA in conjunction with a 1031 Exchange?

Yes, if you do it right.

Using an IRA for real estate requires a special Self-Directed IRA. Your Self-Directed IRA at Charles Schwab or Fidelity does NOT permit you to hold real estate or any asset other than securities. This can be solved by moving your IRA to a custodian that allows for real estate in the plan document. With the right Self-Directed IRA (known as Real Estate IRA) and proper structuring, you partner with your IRA to buy leveraged real estate. When it comes time to sell, you can 1031 your portion of the gain while the IRA gets its portion of the gains tax exempt.

Can I buy more than one piece of property tax free?

Yes, you can acquire any number of replacement properties.

Can I exchange several smaller properties for a larger one?

Yes, you can sell any number of smaller properties and trade up to a larger one.

How do I exchange into a larger property (trade up)?

You trade up by getting a bigger loan on the new property, or adding cash, or equities in other properties, or notes carried back from the sale of other properties, etc. Done right, it's all tax free.

Can I refinance without blowing the tax free exchange?

Yes, you can refinance the property you are selling before you exchange, or refinance the property you are buying after you exchange, and the proceeds are tax-free. Check with us for the details as the timing and contract dates are critical.

Can I carry back a loan on the property I'm selling and still have a tax free exchange?

Yes, the payments you receive are taxed as you get them, on an installment sale basis. The balance of your equity is exchanged tax free.

I've already sold my property. Can I still do an exchange?

Yes, provided your sale has not closed yet, simply contact me and I will help you find qualified intermediaries to turn your taxable sale into a tax free exchange with some simple paperwork. You can call right up until the day before closing


*Consult a qualified intermediary and/or your CPA for your exchange needs.





I specialize in re-energizing listings that have already spent some time on the market.  I have mastered skills in a unique and highly successful marketing plan expressly designed to re-introduce expired properties to the market and re-create the buyer and broker interest and excitement that will lead to a successful sale.

Iskohi M.
Frank had already helped us in selling our home. We decided to use him again when wanted to buy our home. He is a proved asset when it gets to handling real estate transactions.
Lind S.
We have been asking Frank to lease our house for several years. He not only finds us tenants in a short time he also always finds the most qualified tenants which has saved us from having any headaches.
Fred M.
I had already worked with another agent for months with no success. Frank found a place for us within a month! I will definitely look forward to seeking his advice in the future and won’t hesitate to recommend him to all my friends and relatives.
Dr. Ali A.
Purchasing my home was just a breeze. He listened, so he knew what I was looking for. Did not waste our time and found us a home in just three weeks. He is a very kind and caring person away from the work place.
Sarkiss M.
Frank proved to be the best negotiator in the sale of my home. I believe he was a big factor in selling our house at a price that was one of the highest in the neighborhood.
Dr. Babak L., MD
I would like to thank Mr. Moham for his assistance during my recent real estate transaction. He was a highly professional consultant and his expertise made acquiring a property very simple and easy for me.
Barbara L.
I have known Frank for many years. In addition to the very professional attitude he brings towards his work he also listens to his clients! I would highly recommend him as an honest and reliable person. He sold my house quick and at the highest price ever sold in my complex.
John Sh.
Frank was very conscientious, thorough and professional. We felt well represented by Frank. He was the best realtor I dealt with in my 25 years in this business.

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