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Timothy Birtles
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Get to Know Timothy Birtles

EYE SPY REALTY is not your typical real estate company. No matter what your interest - Selling, buying, or an agent, in the current market you need a company that is focused on what will help get you back on track. The are options availble, but not if you are still stuck thinking you need the name of a "nationally branded" company, with no vision on how to get results in this market.

Bottom line - a name is just a name. It is the vision, concepts, and principles...the unique ideas and strategies...combined with focus, determination and implementation...that actually makes a company successful.

If you are tired of wasting your time, if your tired and are looking for the support you wish you had, check out our website and give us a call. Information is free...a lack of knowledge can be very costly. 


I would love to say we specialize in one or the other - buyers or sellers. But to be honest, our marketing model helps both buyers and sellers out almost equally.

For Buyers we provide services most real estate offices do not provide -

Homebuyer seminars through one of our partners. Hear first hand from a realtor, mortgage banker, title company, PMI company, and insurance company what is driving the market. We also offer to work with our buyers on an overall budget...so you know exactly what you can afford. We have partnerships that offer bundled services...so you save on the mortgage, closing costs, attorney fees, property inspections, and home warrantys. We offer assistance with relocation if you are coming in from out of the area.

For Sellers we provide enhanced listing opportunities -

Exclusive listing exposure through our partnerships. Your property is provided the traditional MLS and Realtor.com services common real estate companies provide, with additional listing exposure only we can provide. 4 - 4.5% commission! Some would argue buyer agents will not show your property. That's where we are different. We pay the buyer agent their normal 2.5%-3%, and we only make 1.5 - 2%, so your listing gets the same exposure. Saving 1.5% off the normal 6% listing, on a $300,000.00 sale it would save you $4,500.00 dollars! Flexibility and increased marketability - If you are saving $5,000 on a listing commission, you can sell the house for a little less and make the same amount, or credit the buyer their closing costs.  

Full service Connecticut real estate company offering unique marketing, exclusive listing exposure at reduced listing costs, and special buyer incentives