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  The Key to a Successful Real Estate Transaction is Communication. Whether you are selling or buying, everyone involved has to be on the same page at all times during the process. This includes the Lender, Inspectors, Title/Escrow Company, Insurance Company, the Surveyor and the co-operating Brokers Agent. This is why I concentrate on making sure all is going as planned every step of the way, thus assuring you the smoothest transaction possible.

  Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Choosing a Realtor to help you is a Key factor in the process. I will provide you with all the properties, options, advice, and services available to best suit your needs. Should you have any questions, I'm here to help. Never any pressure, just sound advice and professional results.

Eric Alstad


  Let's face it, few things are more exciting than purchasing a home. The hunt, the find, and the little things your going to do to truly personalize it. Now let's talk about Home Buying.

1. How much can I afford?    Find out first how much you can afford before you go shopping. A good Realtor can help you contact a local Lender or you may choose one of you own. Regardless, getting pre-qualified by a reputable local Lender will greatly increase your chances of getting the house you want with the least delay. "Lenders and Title/Escrow Companies have to work together on a tight schedule, this Is why I highly reccomend a local Lender".

2.Area:/ Location:   What is important to you?a.  Schoolsb.  Drive time to work.c.  Covenience to Shopping.These are all things you should consider before making a decision on buying a home.

3. Skins & Skeletonsa. A house consists of a skin and a skeleton.    The Skeleton is the basic layout of a home. (i.e. the floorplan and basic structure of the home)b. The Skin is paint, flooring, carpet,  and wallpaper (things easily changed)c.  If you can live with the Skeleton.....d.  You can change it's Skin........

4. The Decisiona. Compare 3 or 4 homes. One should stand out.b. Make a decision and make the offer, don't hesitate or second guess yourself.c. Remember many other people have looked at the same home you have.d. The home you looked a today someone else looked at yesterday.

5. Get an Inspectiona. Always get a home inspection.b. Even if the house looks great, there could be problems unknown even to the seller.c. Renegotiate if neccessary.d. You will feel confident after all is said and done that everyone will be happy.

6. The Closea. Make sure everything is CORRECT on your settlement statement (HUD 1) before you go to close.    It is not uncommon for there to be mistakes or typos. Your REALTOR should catch these and point them out to the Title/ Escrow Company before signing. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!b. If you need to bring funds for the close they will generally have to be in the form of a Cashiers Check or Bank Draft if over a designated amount. Check with you REALTOR or Escrow Company about their policies.c. Exercise your signature hand before the close..... Less Cramping...d. Congratulations.. You've Just Made one of the Most Stable Investments of Yor Life....    American Home Ownership    


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