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Ed Petrie
MBA - 800 Short Sale Approvals+
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Get to Know Ed Petrie

For more than 20 years I have been helping people facing a hardship in their life and then finding a solution. It is this search for answers to the hardship & problems of other people that drives me to do what I do today. In negotiating short sales for homeowner's facing the possibility of foreclosure I am able to see the end results of my time and efforts. 

I thoroughly challenge myself on a daily level to see the world from the eyes of others. I believe money is a means to an end and that your income is directly related to the service you give others. In developing a business it is critical to surround yourself with people who drive you to achieve & give more, to learn more, to constantly grow, to fail forward and to be the best person you can to your family, friends, clients & community. 


Short sales are very much like a puzzle with out a picture to use as a reference point. You know where the pieces are in the box, it just takes time to figure out how they fit together. Short sales are my expertise with hundreds completed and more being approved every month. Each time an homeowner calls or emails me with their particular situation I know they have placed a huge amount of trust into my hands. This trust is something I take seriously and use to fuel my desire to reach an acceptable solution for the homeowner, agent & lender. Each lender has their own rules and standards and these change often. This means each short sale has its own unique perspective and approach. Without having years of experience you can get lost in the short sale maze and do more harm than good for your client. So if you are going to start working a short sale for your homeowner, make sure you are committed to the task because you have their future in your hands. Foreclosure is not an option. 


Short Sale Negotiator for Realtors & Investors. 800+ Approvals