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1st Steps Home Inspections is proudly serving the North Alabama cities of Athens, Decatur, Madison, Huntsville, Florence and their surrounding areas. Come take your "1st Steps" with us.

Get to know David Whitt

1stSteps Home Inspections is serving North Alabama in 2011.  We realize you have many decisions to make from finding a Realtor, Mortgage Company and now an Inspector.  I believe that out of the many steps in the real estate transaction, our Home Inspection Company is one of the "1stSteps" to understanding your property.  If you need an Inspection done in the city Madison call us today or schedule online today a 1stSteps Home Inspection.  We have taken great strides to become a sought after home inspection company for the North Alabama with our continuing education, personality and professionalism.  1stSteps bring 15 years of education, first hand knowledge, persistence and a love of this business and gives it all to you.  I do not schedule another inspection but yours on a given day.  We adhere to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) Standards of Practice which happens to be the most comprehensive in the industry and we abide by the State of Alabama guidelines for home inspectors.  We are licensed and insured for your protection as well as ours.



A 1st Steps Home Inspection gives detailed information about the overall condition of the home prior to sale or purchase.  The 1st Steps inspector will take an unbiased in depth look at the home and produce a easy to read checklist/narrative report that evaluates the physical condition of the  structure, construction, and mechanical systems, identifies items that need to be repaired or replaced and estimates the remaining useful life of the major systems and equipment

We always recommend that you attend the inspection and walk with the 1st Steps Inspector so that you can see what he sees and ask questions, if any.  The report is detailed, yet easy enough to read so that if you happen to not be there the checklist portions of the report will walk you through the systems and conditions.  The final area, or Summary Page, will report any of the major issues from the checklist portion that are in need of further investigation.  We always recommend that you read the entire report and take note of those areas that are important for you to address.

Typical inspections last anywhere between 2-4 hours. 


Based out of Woodland Park, Colorado, 1st Steps Home Inspections thrived as a leading provider for customer service in the real estate inspection profession.  Along with David’s 15 years of industry training and experience, combined with some of the most comprehensive instruction by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute, 1st Steps hit the ground running.   Over the following two years, David performed many home inspections and formed relationships, not only with his clients, but also with those in the real estate profession. With the arrival of their 1st child, David and Lara made a decision to move to Alabama to be near family.  Then along came two more children, like stair steps, into their lives.  Over time, a firm decision was made to continue where 1st Steps left off in Colorado, as they re-launched the business in February 2010, eager to serve the residents of Alabama with their home inspection needs. We hope you make the right decision in making 1st Steps your primary choice for your home inspection needs. Thank you for taking your 1st Steps with us!  
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