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 "Success is built on Loyalty, Faith, Sincerity, Co-operation and other Positive Forces"

We strive daily to provide out clients and customers the highest quality of services, that can be found anywhere.  There are so many agents in this industry today that fly by the seat of their pants.  It was easy to get into the real estate business a few years ago.  You did not even have to know what you were doing to make some money. 

Today, everything has changed.  The market is shifting, and that can be great for some - not so great for others. 

The level of services that we provide is based on our knowledge of the market.  We take great pride to acknowledge that we are "students" of the real estate market.  We take every opportunity to speak with agents across the country and within our own market place, we pick their brain and find out what they are doing to help their buyers and sellers.  We study this market daily.  We look at all the statistics.  We know where buyers come from.  What forms of media and advertisement will attract a buyer for your home.  We know what neighborhoods are undervalued and are a "great buy" right now.

So, if you are a first time home buyer or buying a home for the third, fourth or fifth time - we have the knowledge, expertise and skills to help you find the best deal, best financing package and the home that you are looking for.

If you are a seller, we can help you as well.  This market has not been kind to sellers, as of late.  We will provide you with an up to the minute market analysis.  We will lay out, for you, our proven-reliable-effective & state of the art 14 Step Marketing Plan.  We will also consult with you to see "is this the right time for you to be selling".  If you are serious about selling, you need to speak with David or Iris Sordelet.  We will present you with a great blue print for getting your home sold as quickly as possible and we will net you the maximum amount that your home is worth.  Now isn't that worth 30 minutes of your time?  You see, there are so many agents who just try to list homes today.  They have no real plan.  They figure if they can list 10 homes with a little prayer and luck, they will sell one.  The Team Sordelet Realty Group does not list homes!!!  !!!We market homes!!!  We know the market, we know where the buyers are and we go after them.  Call us today or send us an email.  You will not be disappointed with what we have to offer.

So, whether you are looking to buy a home, sell a home or make an investment-we can help you.  David and Iris Sordelet are confident in their ability to help you make smart and wise, real estate related, decisions.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.  If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know!



We are proud, and a little boastful, in the fact that our listings are not just sitting on the market.  We are very pro-active and do our home work before we speak with you about selling your home.  In fact, we do not sell homes, we do not list homes - WE MARKET HOMES!  We have a great 14 step marketing plan, that is second to none!  Anybody can list your home, our 11 year old daughter could list your home!!  Not everybody can market your home.  In this shifting market you do not need an agent that will just list your home YOU NEED SOMEONE THAT TAKES PRIDE IN THEIR PROFESSION, TRAINS AND STUDIES THIS MARKET DAILY AND AN AGENT THAT WILL MARKET YOUR HOME - Call or email us today!


Yes, there are great deals out there!  That is what you will hear from every agent you speak with.  We will agree with that but you can not get 25% off of every house you see.  Why? some home sellers have already reduced prices and have caught up with the current market prices.

We will not give you false hope on pricing.  If we look at a home, we will study the neighborhood, the condition of the home and other factors to determine what the ideal price should be.  If it is priced too high, we will tell you - of course you do not want to pay too much!  If it is priced right, we will also let you know and show you the data to back it up.

Because the average agent only sells about four houses a year, they are anxious to sell you any thing that a discount agent is not listing.  Why, they get paid more!  You see, the average agent needs to sell you a home and really does not care about you.  At the Team Sordelet Realty Group, David & Iris do not have to make the sale, tell you whatever it takes to get you to buy and hold our breath until closing - hoping everything stays smooth. 

We will be honest and upfront with you!  If you are a serious buyer and want serious, knowledgeable, reliable and proven agents working with you - every step of the way- you need our assistance.  We have great relationships with lenders, insurance providers, home inspectors and real estate attorneys! 

So, if you are serious about making a purchase, you need to call or email us today!


We will take the time to sit down with you and explain the entire "home buying" process from start to finish, before we start looking.  We can help you get pre-approved with a great lender.  We stay current with any new "first time home buyer programs" and will make sure that you are protected with the best real estate attorneys in the area.

If you are even just thinking about purchasing your first home, let us know.  We will schedule a time to sit down with you, find out what your needs are, ask plenty of questions and help you get started on the right foot-pointed in the right direction.


We are proud to have a large network of investors in our data base.  We are finding them deals weekly and can even direct them out of the state to other great investments that we are given information on.  Real estate investing can be a very profitable endeavor.  Especially now that the market has made some corrections.  If you are currently and investor or are thinking about becoming one, you need to speak with us and schedule a consultation.  Real estate has proved time and again to be the safest investment you could make!  Call or email us today!


All of the New Castle County Real Estate Market is created equal!  Even as we speak, there are some areas that are still on the decline and some that are starting to hold firm.  New Castle County Delaware is a very diverse county.  It takes great effort on any real estate agents part to really know this market.  If you are looking for knowledgeable agents that can assist you in all of your real estate needs, you need to get in touch with The Team Sordelet Realty Group.  We will provide you with a free consultation-whether you are a buyer, seller or investor.  Having great agents on your side can prevent you from making a big real estate mistake.


Our office is located righ near the corner of Rt. 40 & Rt. 7. We are located in the Glendale Plaza, right behind the Artisan's Bank.