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My name is Damon Redmond. I have been in the involved in the real estate industry for close to 20 years. I am a single father with 2 children and currently live in Newark, NJ. I started in the mortgage business in 1997 working with a local company called PHH Mortgage, then CENDANT, now back to PHH Mortgage(recently sold again). I worked there as a loan consultant, working with inbound calls that came from realtors and buyers from around the country, PHH had a very big network. I worked there for 3 years and then got burned out by the telephone sales. I wanted to get a taste of the real estate business so i started buying and selling residential real estate in south jersey. I eventually got my real estate license in 2003 and started to sell real estate full time. I positioned myself in the real estate industry as a mortgage professional that would refer leads to realtors in return for clients to do their financing. It worked well and I developed a nice network of real estate and mortgage professionals in the North and South regions of New Jersey. In one of my real estate investment deals, we paid cash for a property and did not get a title insurance policy on the property. To find out the property had all types of liens on it and it ended up costing us well over the asking price to clear up. After this experience, I got my title producer's license in the state of NJ. This allowed me to learn all the ins and out of the title business so I would never have to go through losing so much money again.

Today I am helping people as a real estate professional that works with sellers in all of their real estate related transactions. With my experience in several different fields it allows me to truly advise my clients on their best interest in whatever real estate or mortgage decision they have to make. The added-value comes in an all around knowledge of the process and procedures to insure a smooth closing and to make sure that you are getting a good, fair deal.


In the last 3-4 years I have been working very closely with homeowners that are in default and need to save their house from foreclosure. I am working with a few banks and asset management companies that send me assignments to go contact the defaulted homeowner and try to work out a loan agreement or try to list the house for sale as a realtor. This is an area that I network with other realtors that do the same thing. My job is to educate the homeowner on the many options that they might not be aware of that they have to save their home.

Providing an honest analysis of a buyer or sellers situation is my talent. My goal is to help as many people enjoy the benefits of the American dream and maintain that dream. In todays real estate market it is hard to find someone that has the knowledge and expertise and can give and honest opinion of what needs to be done right. I come across a lot of clients that have been straight up lied to about either a loan program or about a sellers disclosure on a house. As a real estate professional I am embarassed at the level of ignorance and scams that are taking place. That is why my consulting business aspires to be upfront with all fees and costs and will specifically look at your situation and determine what needs to be done to accomplish the needs and goals of the client.

One area of expertise that I am spending much more time in is Landlord consultation. This one area of the real estate business is so overlooked that I have decided to get more involved in educating the consumers on their rights to being a Landlord and to make sure that they are saving money at the end of the day.





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I work with individuals and families that are going through a rough time trying to save their home from foreclosure or any other stressful situation by offering realistic solutions in real time.