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How can YOUR $25k become $180k (or $150k into $1,080,000.00 and MORE)? Learn how to LEVERAGE YOUR MONEY using your OLD 401k; a Self-Directed IRA and a Managed Account! "BE THE BANK" for YOUR NEXT Projects or Someone Elses!!


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Learn how YOU could turn $25k into $180k or $150k into $1,080,000.00 (and MORE)

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If you are an investor, and trying to borrow money for your deals, then you need to read this now!!!

Read what happened to one of my rehab investor's "STEVE":

One of my clients' "STEVE" previously made the mistake of paying cash ($120,000.00) for his 4 unit property; then sunk all his additional investment dollars into the deal to rehab it; and then rented it out.....sounds good right?! WRONG!!! Even though he has completely rented it out, and the home is completely paid off, he cannot refi it to get his cash back out to reinvest it - at all - ugh!!!! The banks won't even give him a 50% loan.


Now here is the dilemma that a lot of people have including STEVE: debt ratio/income....especially for someone in his shoes who is self-employed; also, for any serious investor who is interested in having more then 4 properties. LENDERS/BANKS HAVE TIGHTENED UP THEIR POLICIES AND WILL NOT LEND YOU MONEY - and, ALL "stated" programs are gone now too!!!! He is home rich, but cash poor! He cannot get his money out of that home in order to reinvest it - and, it is completely paid off! What good does that do him now?

Timing is key: If you are serious about cashing in during this manufactured "mortgage crisis meltdown" then, NOW is the time to switch gears and think about how you can be the "lender / bank" instead of the "borrower"! This is the EASY way to make big bucks using the same dollars!! The person who has the money will "rule"! That is why we are offering a FREE consultation for anyone wishing to make up to 23% on their investment dollars - the EASY way!! We will show you how to get huge returns on your money that is safe and secured by real estate by "BEING THE BANK"! You can use cash or a self-directed IRA etc.


Here is what I had advised "STEVE" to do, and this is why I am contacting you today: We will help YOU avoid this problem all together! "STEVE" now wishes he would have listened too!


We have deals that are in the range of $25k; $40k and upward from our rehab investors - who are just like YOU. Guess what they are looking for? Of course you know - MONEY - HONEY - To do their deals. That's where YOU come in!

As I was saying: STEVE could have done three SHORT-TERM (six-month) NOTES using less then the amount of money that he needed to purchase and rehab only ONE of his own investment properties. For example - three deals: $40K + $40K + $25K....that comes to $105 Right? Yes! And, he still would have had $20,000.00 cash left over, but that's not the point. He would have made $24,150 in six months time - that's $4,025 a month with the possibility of making a total of $195,000.00 grand total! (unfortunately, he's currently only making $2,725 a month now) That's another reason why these three little deals above would have been a more logical choice in the long run. This scenario would prevent you from getting stuck with just one deal! "Being the Bank" is where it's at folks! We have been preaching this ALL year now, and you cannot afford to make the same mistake that STEVE made!

Also, you should never want to tie up all your money into one deal. Some people think that you need a lot of money to "BE THE BANK," but, that's not true!

Let us show you how:

Just call us anytime and we will do a FREE consultation to teach you how to "BE THE BANK" and save yourself the aggravation of tying up ALL your funds into your deals and then NOT being able to get the cash out! Just ask yourself this question: How much time, money and effort, from start to finish, did "STEVE" invest into his project? "BEING THE BANK" is simple and easy! No sweat, no rehab work and no aggravation....just reap the benefits of someone else doing All THE WORK.

Call us to get more info and to schedule your personal consultation at: 847-845-4723

All questions welcome!

Register here for our upcoming private, club events that will be starting back up in January.

Yvonne Jones, CEO
Private Financial Club, Inc.

PS: Call ASAP to find out more about our $25; and $40K deals that could make you BIG BUCKS!!

YOU can be either at the "HEAD OF THE LINE" passing out the money, or at the back of the line begging for money - it's your choice!

Become a "Financier" and MAKE BIG BUCKS!!!! Become an "Account Executive" and make huge residual income! 

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READ THIS for 21% return on your investment dollars!!

Our "Financiers" are receiving 21% on short-term notes and 10% on long-term notes!!  

Become a "Financier" and MAKE BIG BUCKS!!!!  

Become an "Account Executive" and make huge residual income!    


Private Financial Club: Account Reps & Membership FormReply back if you are interested! If you are, we'll send you more information.       

Dear Business Associates; PFC Account Reps (and potential Account Reps)  

FYI--   Just wanted to remind some of you that you do not have to pay a membership fee to become a PFC Account Rep - only the "Financier" who joins the club pays their membership fee according to the level in which he/she joins. (But, of course, if you want to become a "Financier" yourself, then you too will have to join. Then YOU also will have the potential of making huge returns on your investment dollars!)  

As an Account Rep:

You receive $200 for every $500 membership fee. $200 for the first tier of $500 $400 for the second tier of $1,000 $4,000 for the third tier of $10,000 For each deal that the "Financier" closes that you signed up to join the club, you will receive a residual incomeFor example: on each residential deal, you will receive 1 pt ysp from the back-end only (The more Financiers you bring to join the club - the BIGGER your residual income, pipeline becomes!) Commercial deals are paid on a separate pay scale written in a separate contract agreement (if you sign someone up for either of the higher levels, we will set you up on a contract that will detail those returns for you)

Each "Financier" (and Account Rep) who joins will be required to sign our Non-Circumvent Agreement and remain confidential while a member of our club.

Obviously, Financiers are NEVER to be in direct contact with our clients; and our Financiers' names are NEVER to be disclosed or revealed to anyone.   Each Account Rep agrees to maintain the strictest confidentiality with our Financiers. No one is to ever reveal the identity of a Financier. That is Private Financial Club, Inc.'s commitment to our Financiers! (An account rep who reveals a Financiers' identity will lose their position with PFC and their residual income.)  

We will be scheduling a meeting in the sometime near future for those Account Reps who will not be able to attend our Florida (national) kick-off event.   This is becoming very exciting because without HARD MONEY or "EXIT STRATEGIES" set in place - no one will be able to do investment properties, so this is a GREAT opportunity for YOU to share with others this amazing income potential!

Our Financiers typically receive 21% interest for short-term notes and 10% - 13% on long-term / 24 months to 36 month notes. This is a FANTASTIC return considering the volatile stock market; 401k's; IRA's; annuities and CD's!  

Feel free to share this information and our website: with others and I will personally assist you in explaining our programs to any Financier that you bring to me...just email me the contact person's name so that YOU will receive FULL credit.   Please feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions!  


Yvonne Jones, CEO
Private Financial Club, Inc.
847-845-4723 (direct)

YOU can be either at the "HEAD OF THE LINE" passing out the money, or at the back of the line begging for money - it's your choice!

Become a "Financier" and MAKE BIG BUCKS!!!! Become an "Account Executive" and make huge residual income!