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I have 25 years experience managing multi-million dollar budgets for a major federal organization, including development of budget requests and creating spending plans.  I am using this background and knowledge to work with clients to show them how they can improve cash flow, manage debt, build real estate equity, and create wealth.


There’s been a lot of hype hitting the media airwaves since the current economic crisis took hold. Most of the talk has been about getting out of debt. There are financial talk shows and organizations promising to cut your credit card debt. Evidently, all that talk isn’t helping because consumer-related debt continues to rise out of control into the trillions of dollars.

But, there’s still one program that does what it says it is going to do — show you some of the fastest ways to zero debt. Even better, we can do it with no change to your current income and no refinancing of your current mortgage! The program is the Web-based software called the Money Merge Account ® program.

We  start with a simple strategy: eliminate debt and build wealth simultaneously by putting your money to work for you. From there, we assist you in achieving your financial goals through interest cancellation. Simply enter your debts: principal balance, interest, and term — then follow the program to become debt free!

When signing on the dotted line for your mortgage, was your biggest concern the interest rate? While many homeowners realize they can save money with lower interest rates, few think about the length of time they will be paying or the gross amount they will be paying, including interest, at the end of the loan’s term. This is one of the Money Merge Account program’s strong points — reducing your mortgage term and minimizing the amount of interest you’ll pay.

Besides calculating how to pay off debt with some of the fastest payoff results imaginable, the Money Merge Account program also helps build a substantial savings nest egg, putting your money to work more effectively than ever before.

So Much More Is Possible: The Money Merge Account program offers enhanced features that truly take your financial life to a new level:

Comprehensive budgeting system, fine-tuned to the sensitivity of your goals Enhanced calculations to pay down debt Software settings that allow how aggressively to pay down debt & build wealth Ability to pay down multiple properties at the same time User-friendly software interface Financial education and coaching Toll-free client support

See what the Money Merge Account program can do for your financial future.  Schedule a FREE consultation today!


I show individuals and families how they can eliminate their debt-mortgage as well as consumer debt-in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the time without significantly changing their lifestyle, creating equity.