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I have been in the mortgage industry for the last 3 years. I started using travel as an incentive about 6 months ago and found it to be so successful that I only work on referral business now. Below are a list of ways Varcose travel incentives can help your business in the mortgage industry:

1.) Generate more leads.

Varcose travel packages work great with infomercials, mailers or any other form of marketing. Simply add, "Fill out an application with us and ask about our Vacation Getaway for 2!" or "Work with us and we'll send you on an all inclusive cruise to the Grand Bahams for 2!"

I worked for flexpoint funding and they added the fill out an application phrase to their nation wide infomercial. They saw an immediate 18% increase in call volume. Another company in San Diego uses our travel packages and they added the work with us phrase to their mailers. They have so much success with their marketing that they actually make their LO's pay $300 a day to take leads. You can see how they use our packages on their website under travel at www.unionfidelitymortgage.com

2.) Motivate employees.

It's really easy to get off track or in a slump in this industry. Try offering your employees a weekend vacation to Vegas for 2 to the top producer next month. They will be focusing on the Vacation and you will see an increase in productivity across the board.

3.) Generate Referrals.

After every conversation with a client I always asked, "Bye the way if you know anyone else who would appreciate the same high level of customer service, I am never too busy for you referrals! And if I closed a deal from a referal you sent would you mind if I sent you on a 5 day cruise to the Grand Bahamas?" People who didn't even do a loan with me are still referring me deals. This is how I work on referral business alone now.

4.) For yourself.

This business can take its toll on a person and sometimes you need a break. Send yourself on a cruise or a resort getaway just about anywhere in the world.

Varcose Travel offers 3 distinct packages. Once you have a package all vacations included in that package are transferrable to anyone you like. This means that you don't have to buy a package for everyone in your office. Cruises and Resorts cost just as much to opporate half full as they do totally full. This is how we provide such inexpensive travel packages. Visit www.varcose.com for all the information you could ever need. Our contact info is on the site.


I am an expert on increasing sales, motivating employees, generating referrals and making people happy. Varcose sales incentives are guaranteed to help your business in ways you never thought possible.

-INCREASE SALES by offering a 7 day cruise to the Grand Bahamas on your next marketing piece.

-GENERATE REFERRALS by asking, "If you or anyone you know is looking to refinance or purchase a home I am never too busy for your personal referrals............ Oh by the way if you do know of anyone who would appreciate the same great level of customer service would it be ok if I were to send you on a 7 day cruise for two to the Grand Bahamas?"

-MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES by sending the top producer next month on a 3 day vacation to Vegas.

-Keep yourself happy by taking a holiday in Mexico (we all know how the stress can build up in this industry)