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1151 Walnut Street

Newton , Ma 02461

I am a Realtor specializing in Green and Historic Properties and represent both buyers and sellers.I serve as the Boston Society of Architects Housing Committe and collaberate with all poffessions

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It has always been my guiding principal to be client focused in my real estate career.One of the cornerstones of this process is to take the time at the first client meeting is to determine what are the clients,needs goals and time frame.It is also important to share with the client what services I can provide before during and after the real estate transaction.This goes for the buyer and seller.

Education has always played a key role in my Real Estate Career.I received my Graduate Realtor Institute Certifice before continuing education was required by law.I have also educated my self on Green Principals. Having a broad range of skills enhances by knowledge base and allows me to provide quality and innovative service to my clients.Having advanced knowledge of real estate financing,architecture,neogating and a wide range of other skills is a great benefit to my clients.I have also taught a series of first time home buying classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education,have given a series of CEU Classes for The Boston Society of Architects and have lead a series of panel discussion at their conferences.

In my free time,I serve as the chair of the Boston Society of Architects Housing Committee and helped develop the Brighton Center National Register Historic District.

During my experiences as a Realtor and a member of the Boston Society of Architects,I have developed a wide range of contacts ranging from Realtors,architects and mortgage people.These contacts have allowed my to have a much wider base of information and technical advise for my real estate career.Being in constant contact with a wide range of people allows me to have the knowledge needed to resolve problems before they become an issue.My willingness to understand client needs,knowledge base of the housing market and knowledge of real estate practice helps me to provide quality service to my clients. 

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I specialize in assisting home owners create a green home envirement.This work entails  educating them about creating a more economical,healthy and efficient home envirement.I am able to show home owners how a few techniques such as using low flow water devises,programable thermostats and insulation can save money and help create a more comfortable home envirement.I work with a series of architects,builders and other individuals to assist home owners help create a more comfortable home envirement,save money and have a better envirement.

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