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Are you a Real Estate Professional that could profit from an easy to use, web delivered Transaction Coordinator?  Visit http://www.brokerschecklist.com/  and take advantage of the 14 day free trial (no contracts or credit cards involved).  It'll only take you half an hour to master the application, because it is based on how you work now.  If you see its value at enhancing your effectiveness, subscribe on a monthly or annual basis.

What will happen:

- Reduced phone calls because transaction stakeholders can participate on-line

- Reduced errors that could cost you big if you miss them

- 24/7 document access on-line as you upload documents & images to our secure server

- Access to a 1-800 Virtual Assistant... a live body to look up information and enter notes as you prescribe

- A growing data base of recurring stakeholders that will continually speed your new transaction entry process

What won't happen:

- Excessive call handling while you're on the run... information can be funneled through a Virtual Assistant

- Loss of critical notes... call the Virtual Assistant in real time

- Loss of transaction documentation due to office calamity...and you get an audit trail of everything that happens

- Process slow downs because key information was bottlenecked with a stakeholder who couldn't reach you to file their report

- Technology overkill... our application is aimed at streamlining, and will continue to improve without becoming more complicated

Already have a Personal Assistant?  Don't hire a second one when your success improves.  Instead, have that person be the first subscriber in your office and improve everyone's effectiveness significantly.

Want to talk?  Take the 14 day trial, then email dave@brokerschecklist.com or call us at 503.659.4022 to discuss the application. 

Want a second income stream?  Become a BrokersChecklist sales agent and start building residual income. 


Providing Sofware as a Service via website: full transaction coordination, stakeholder participation, document protection, and a live 1-800 Virtual Assistant. Free trial does not require pre-payment.