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Dave Van Nus
Integrity Homes Team - "Makers Of Happenings"
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Get to Know Dave Van Nus

Hi, my name is Dave and I am dedicated to Real Estate...I love it!  I help people secure thier future through the purchase or sale of Real Estate and from years of experience, offer a wide range of knowledge to help educate and prepare my clients for the journey they are about to take.  This is one of the biggest decisions or investments to make, 2nd to having children in my opinion, and we know there are a lot of questions to aks.  My dad used to tell me "If you work hard for others, you will be rewarded more then Kings!"  Well, he was right, the feeling of handing over keys to a first time home buyer, or BBQ'ing with former clients and investors, makes me realize how appreciated I am.  What they hopefully know, is how much I appreciate being apart of thier lives.

My Career started as an eager Loan Officer and after One Year I became the Senior Loan Executive at my Office, helping more people than everyone combined.  My commitment led me to management and soon I started my own Mortgage Company helping Investors with Hard Money Transactions.  This led me to Lease Option Group.  I created the company and site three years ago in 2006 and have been helping people who others wouldn't help.  In order to profit from my efforts, I became a Real Estate Agent and now I help my clients at no cost to them.  I make sure everyone is set for success and educate along the way.  It feels good to know that I can help others become homeowners who never thought they could before...but with my help, it's just a small down payment and an action plan away to achieving that success!


If I had to pick a Specialty, it would be Lease Options and Owner Financing, but I've done so many transaction and so many Loans that I am very creative and a great negotiator, which goes well in all forms of Real Estate.  I've negotiated 300 Million Dollar Loans and acted as the buyers agent on 100K condos.  It's not the money, that comes if you do the job right, it's the chance of getting that thank you when it is all done and knowing that I made a difference in their life.  I also gain so much from getting to know my clients that I am always learning as well.  If I don't know what I'm doing on something, I will tell you and then let you know who does.  So, call me, or e-mail me and let's take that journey together!


Former U.S. Marine and Principle Real Estate Broker! I specialize in Selling Homes Fast with Amazing Marketing Techniques, Working with Veterans, Owner Financing, and Negotiating for Buyers! Call Me!