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SEO JUMP START SEO - What's in it for you? THIS OFFER HAS BEEN UPDATED. SEE WEBSITE. Many real estate agents are struggling to make every one of their lead generation dollars count and that's not an easy task. SEO "experts" are waiting in droves to rip you off and you know it when they call. It's as if when their lips are moving, they're lying. Recently, I had to turn down a potential new client because of a previous territorial commitment to one of my customers. The client had voiced concerns about their rankings and visibility and rankings in Google. They waited for a reply and got a CC on an email that obviously was not intended for them to see. The email was from a "higher up" in the SEO agency to the account manager or liason or whatever you want to call the drone that the real estate business was left to deal with. The email said- and I quote: "Feed them bullshit and up-sell." There you have it- the swamp of alligators in the SEO world waiting for you. One signal and they clamp down like the jaws of death on your wallet and they're going to stay on feeding on your cash as long as possible. No wonder so many real estate agents instinctively contract into a protective shell when they get one of "those calls from an SEO company." No surprise that the crooks are hated by all. Nobody likes to get taken in. But agents do want to effectively and powerfully promote their business as visibly as possible online. They just want their investment of either and both of time and money to return wealth and not go bust. My solution? Help agents get ahead right away. Even if your budget is limited. Work with agents in the realm of reality, focus and multiple short, medium and long term effective paths to paying clients- people who are willing to work with YOU to buy or sell a home. My real estate SEO websites and my ActiveRain presence are designed to help everyone from the do-it-yourself hands on agent to the complete outsource minded strategist. How to start in SEO I have developed a unique approach for the real estate agent who wants to leverage their website with the best SEO possible within their budget and not everyone can afford a high monthly fee for aggressive SEO link building campaigns, etc. Yet, you deserve to have a fair shot at competing online like anyone else. Your service is great and customers will actually be better off if they work with you instead of your competition and even though you absolutely know this to be true, they're not finding you online, they're finding your competition. That's not fair to you and it's not fair to buyers and sellers who miss the opportunity to work with you instead of your flashier but less competent competitors. What will you do about it? What can you do about it? I offer a comprehensive jump start in SEO with a series of actions and steps- 35 different actions to be exact, that you can do for yourself and by yourself if you have the time-resources and commitment to get them done. This Real Estate SEO JUMP START is a full scale investigation and action plan for your website and its ability to improve visibility against local competitors. THIS OFFER WILL BE UPDATED SOON Keeping up with current trends and technologies on the web is key to success in search engine marketing- from traditional link-building and traffic generation to the latest in Google's algorithms and focus. 2015 & 2016 promise to be the year of quality search results and competitive web marketing. Your strategies must keep up and so must mine. I devote my energies to understanding and leveraging the latest trends and keeping my clients in a position to benefit from my efforts. THIS OFFER HAS CHANGED FOR 2015. SEE WEBSITE.

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